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By Mike Johnson on 2020-02-22 09:56:00

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In a recent Q&A someone asked you who were the best tatg teams from NWA, WWF/E, WCW, and ECW. I agreed with all of your choices, particularly those from the NWA, but what about the Road Warriors? The Hart Foundation? I'm not looking to argue, like I said, I agreed with your picks, and there were alot of other teams I'm sure would probably come to mind, but where do you rate the Harts and LOD against the teams you mentioned?

I like both teams, especially the Hart Foundation, but I just lean towards the teams I named.  I wasn't talking about the ones with the greatest accolades, which would certainly put the Warriors in a top position.  I was speaking specifically about the teams I personally think are the best.  It's a subjective thing.  I probably would have included the Harts had Bret's own singles work greatly outshined the team's run, but there's no argument that their WWF heel era was tremendous.  I appreciate the Warriors but they didn't have a big WWF or WCW run in comparison to the other teams.  Everyone forgets Rocco the Puppet and that LOD were downplayed vs. a lot of other teams.  They were at their best in the NWA, AWA and Japan.  But, if I am going to list the three teams I think were the best in Jim Crockett Promotions, it's the three I named.  Warriors would come in at #4.

Why would the Bellas go into the Hall of Fame before Molly Holly, Victoria, etc.?

The Bellas set the stage for the current women's division with Total Divas.  That series was the first hard evidence WWE ever had that a female-centric series could not only do a great rating but find its own unique audience and open up the doors for new, female fans to discover WWE.  That alone more than earns their place.

Where was Roddy Piper really from?

Canada.  He lives in Oregon for most of the last several decades before his passing.

How do you plan out your Wrestlemania week?

I go by what's most important for the website, which is pretty much dictated by WWE (the highest percentage of readers will care about that) and then by what's not being streamed live.  We are very lucky in that we have a team who work so hard Mania week to cover streaming events, which frees me up to do a lot more.

Whatever happened to Don Muraco?

He is retired and living in Hawaii.  

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