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By Dave Scherer on 2020-02-25 10:00:00

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A while back Paul Heyman did a one man show in the UK where he pitched a scenario asking “what if during wrestlemania 30 Brock actually went into business for himself, dumped the undertaker on his head, and F5’d him for the win.”  He stated that there’s nothing Undertaker could’ve done to stop Brock, the reaction with the audience would’ve been the same as what happened, and there’s nothing Vince McMahon could’ve done to fire Brock, because Brock would’ve been too big to fire.  In your opinion is Heyman just messing with everyone or do you have an inkling, no matter how small, that that’s what happened at Wrestlemania 30?

No, that is NOT what happened at Mania.  It was not a shoot, it was planned.  Heyman was just stating his opinion, and he may be right.  If Brock shot on Taker, he would have been able to beat him.  He is a former UFC champion!  I am not sure if Vince would have allowed him to keep working though.  That would have sent a really bad message to the locker room and what talent would want to get in the ring with a monster that just shot on one of the most respected people in company history?  I wouldn’t.

I saw that Vince Russo went on Twitter and begged you, Mike Johnson and other wrestling personalities to come onto his podcast and debate him.  Is he really that desperate?

I don’t ever try and figure out what is going on in the mind of Vince Russo.  He is a special kind of fella, like when he sent Impact secrets to Mike Johnson when he meant to send them Mike Tenay.  He is just a very special form of WTF???  In that vein, he did the same thing here.  As you said, he begged me to come to his podcast and debate him on Twitter, which I never saw and had to be told about.  Why, you ask?  Because Vince Russo blocked me on Twitter years ago!  So yes, he sent a tweet to me that he knew I would never read, all so he could look like a tough guy.  It was all for show as he knows that if any of the people he challenged actually debated him, we are all armed with the facts and it wouldn’t go well for him.  When people ask me, “Why with all of the wrestling going on in 2020 is Vince Russo on the outside?” there’s your answer.  

Considering that even Edge has returned from neck injury combined with Terry Funk cheating retirement several times, is it now becoming hard to be annoyed by fans wondering if the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels (besides Crown Jewel), and CM Punk will ever come out of retirement?

I am never annoyed by people asking those questions.  In Punk’s case, it has merit.  He is not that old.  In Austin’s?  Well, he is.  He’s 55 years old with a bad neck, almost a decade older than Edge.  Even if he could get the neck problem fixed, he is old and I just don’t see him coming back and hurting his legacy.  I could be wrong, but other than a lot of money, I see no reason to do it if I am him.

Nakamura recently said that the reason they changed his theme song is so fans would stop singing along with it.  But Chris Jericho has shown that you can have the fans sing along with your song while maintaining your heel status.  Knowing this, do you think it was a mistake to change Nakamura's song based on that reasoning alone, considering how over his old song was and how much it enhanced his presentation compared to his new song, which is quite lackluster in comparison?

Would I have done it?  No.  I approach things in 2020 like NXT and AEW does.  Let the fans do what they do.  No one believes they are watching a shoot anymore.  If they like a heel, sell them merchandise!  But Vince sees it differently, especially on FOX since it reaches more people. 

Is the WWE asking for trouble by bringing in Brodus Clay with the charges that are being alleged against him even just for WrestleMania weekend in this day and age of the #MeToo movement?  It's not like they announced it and then the charges came out.  

I said the same thing on the show with Mike Johnson last week.  I see no upside in bringing him in right now.  I hope they are very careful with how they use him, if they use him.

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