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By Dave Scherer on 2020-02-23 10:00:00

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Why would Charlotte even want to win the NXT title at Wrestlemania? I get the appeal of a match between Charlotte and Rhea Ripley but the NXT title, as good as NXT is, is a step down.

It depends on how you look at it.  From your perspective, that is the case.  From her character’s, any Title she wins is THE Title because she is THE best.  Plus, NXT did pretty well at The Survivor Series and Royal Rumble.  It’s pretty clear that they have more female talent on their roster than Raw or Smackdown does.  I see the storyline as another mountain for her to conquer and thinks it’s a good one.

I noticed during the Page/Omega vs. The Lucha Brothers match this week that the ref never made the Lucha Brothers leave the ring.  They did the same thing last week when the champs defended the Titles.  Do you think AEW is doing it just to tick you off?

Nah, they don’t care what I think.  But with that said, I did say on Twitter that I wish that AEW would just make every multi person bout a Texas Tornado match.  Then, the refs wouldn’t look like such doofuses every time out.

Also, what is your take on the amount of blood that they had in the main event?

I know I am in the minority (at least that is what a Twitter poll I did this week showed me) but I am 100 percent the concept of using a sharp object to purposely cut yourself.  If it were our kids doing it, we would get them psychological help.  I get that it adds to matches for people but to me, all I can think when I see it is, “That person just used a blade to slice open his head.  I hope like hell he doesn’t have any blood borne diseases.” With that said, I know some people love it so it’s up to the person to see it how they see it.

So exactly How Much fish could Bobby Fish fry if Bobby Fish could fry fish?

Enough to feed everyone that is eating with him.  And probably a little extra so people could have seconds.

So during one of Jim Cornette podcasts, he was criticizing the Attitude Era’s Jerry Springer antics saying ”it was so over-the-top how could anyone follow it” but yet still he praised the monumental star power of Steve Austin and The Rock.  I’ll ask him on his podcast one day, but I’ll ask you as well, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock have gotten as big as they had in any other time in wrestling acting exactly the way they did from 99-02 or did they need to be in the Zeitgeist of the attitude era to become the stars they became.  And on the flipside, would the attitude era have been as fondly remembered without Stone cold and the rock on top?

Last question first, the top talents like Rock and Austin are what made the Attitude Era work.  They were transcendent and Cornette is right, there was a lot of garbage on the shows back then.  Choppy choppy pee pee comes to mind.  But the good stuff was soooooo good that the bad stuff didn’t drag it down.  That happens when you have top, top acts like Austin, Rock, DX, The Undertaker, Foley, Angle etc.  Would they have gotten over the same way today?  It would have been harder since WWE overscripts everything.  Bullet points for people that can do promos are always better since they can adlib and riff off of the crowd reaction, but Austin and Rock were so good I think they would have been able to overcome it.

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