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By Mike Johnson on 2020-02-20 10:00:00

WWE Network uploaded 10 ECW "Supershows" from 1993-95 on Monday.  All of them are in poor quality.  In some cases, it seems almost certain that WWE used second or third generation VHS copies from fans instead of ECW's own tapes.  This includes the Feb. 1995 "Double Tables" show that had The Sandman vs. Cactus Jack Texas Death Match.  What's odd about this is the match was released by WWE on home video back in 2004 in great quality.  They were even able to remove Sandman's entrance music without affecting Joey Styles commentary, which indicates they were working with professional tapes with multiple audio tracks.  On the Network, though, the match and the whole show is in VHS quality, just like the other 9 shows.  Any idea what happened here?

My guess is that whatever master tapes there were are lost or damaged and WWE tracked down and transferred to digital what they felt was the best versions they could find.  A lot of the older ECW stuff could have been lost in the transition from the original Producer Matt Radico to the more well known production team of Ron Buffone and Charlie Bruzesse.  ECW sort of flew by the seat of its pants, so I doubt they were thinking about what the tapes could mean 25 years later on a streaming service, since such platforms didn't even exist then.  They were just trying to pay the bills to get through the month.   I would agree some of the stuff looks terrible to 2020 eyes but if it's a choice between having it in that fashion or not having it at all, it is what it is if you want to enjoy the content.  Hopefully they can find stronger versions and replace these version down the line.   That said, I'm still waiting for them to put the PPV version of Barely Legal (the version they have up is a version edited for inclusion on  a ECW One Night Stand DVD), so I wouldnt hold our respective breath though!  If WWE wants my VHS tapes, however, they are sitting in a storage space!

Do you think we are getting Seth Rollins vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania?

That is an interesting question.  We haven't heard anything about a HHH bout for Mania yet.  I could see it, but they'd have to get the storyline going.

CM Punk doesn't work for WWE, but what if FOX wants to do Backstage in Tampa on Mania week or coming out of it?  Would Punk go?

Of course he would go.  He works for FOX and since Backstage will air from Tampa the Tuesday before Wrestlemania, that may indeed happen.

What are the odds of AJ Lee returning for Wrestlemania?

I say not zero, but close to that.

Any word on Tammy Sytch?  Should she be allowed back in pro wrestling?

Not yet.  Her parole hearing is today.  Why shouldn't she be allowed back if she wants to work in pro wrestling?  If her legal issues are behind her, she has every right to get booked and perform or go do signings or whatever.  I hope she gets herself together personally and goes and has a happy life.  She's had enough drama and pain for a lifetime and I hope she can move past it and find a happy place for herself in life.  Everyone deserves that chance.


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