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By Dave Scherer on 2020-02-19 10:00:00

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Quick question for you about the Vince’s involvement in the XFL and WWE. Do you see the mostly successful XFL relaunch as a fluke out of curiosity? Or is it a testament to what can be achieved when Vince leaves a product in the hands of someone else?

Was it really successful?  The first game did a little better than the now defunct AAF.  It was close enough that you could say they were even.  And the quality of play was clearly below NFL caliber, or even top College level, from what I saw.  As I type this on Sunday, let's see where they are in week four.  Let's also see if the TV networks that are airing the games will actually give the XFL a good rights fees deal.

Zelina Vega is very good in her role as Andrade's business associate. She is also very talented in the ring, why do you suppose she is so under utilized in that aspect?

I think it’s just because her role is to be a manager at the moment.  I think she’s in a good spot since she gets a lot of TV time and is featured prominently.  There are a lot of women on the roster and it’s easier to get lost in the pack as a wrestler.

This might be an ignorant question but with all the talk of changes within WWE as of late and taking PPV’s off the Network to sell elsewhere, and awhile back Vince was quoted as saying he’d consider selling WWE to the right bidder if it presented himself (I’m paraphrasing), it just seems like Vince is saying “My time is winding down. This has been my baby for 40 years. After me, I’m selling it off”.  Again, probably an ignorant and somewhat dramatic viewpoint. I get that they aren’t the small, mom & pop wrestling promotion I still think of in my head so I have to expect it’s all about the dollar and shareholders now. But Vince always seemed to have a death grip on WWE and lately he’s letting more entities get their hands on it. Are we getting closer to some large media entity owning WWE or will it stay as it is now?

I think what he is saying is what he had Ted DiBiase say for years, everyone has a price!  If someone made him the right offer, he would consider it and/or take it.  I don’t think it’s about time winding down at all.  He doesn’t think that way.  It would be about the money.  And honestly, I think that anyone that would buy WWE would make Vince staying on to oversee things part of the deal, at least in the beginning.  As for working with other companies, he has to go where the money is.  That just makes sense.  If he kept all his content on the WWE Network, they would bring in far less in revenues.

With all the WWE Network questions in the most recent Q&A I'm hoping you'll answer a couple more.  Over the last few years I've subscribed the the Network only for NXT, The Takeover events, and occasionally main roster PPVS.  NXT was moved to USA so I mostly only use it for Takeovers.  If they move PPVS off the network I'll have no logical reason to pay for the service.  Do you think it's reasonable to believe that wherever the PPVS land I'll be able add that service without spending more than I do now for the WWE Network and basically just cancel and switch to that service?  I guess I could get lucky and they land on a service I already have, but as an NXT fan I'm very concerned I won't be able to watch Takeovers anymore due to additional cost I'm not willing to pay.  Basically putting them in the same position as AEW with me.

Well you said that you pay mostly to watch the Takeovers and the occasional PPV.  I am not sure why you would cancel if the PPVs moved but the Takeovers stayed.  It would seem that is what you are willing to pay for.  With that said, it’s hard to say what you will have to pay to watch the PPVs until we know where they will end up.

Do you think at some point we will see Stephen Amell show up in AEW?  He has a relationship with Cody, and his Nocking Point Winery produces Jericho's Little Bit of the Bubbly.  Arrow has ended, so I would think Amell may have the time for some guest spots.

It sure would seem like a perfect fit.  I definitely could see it happening.

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