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By Dave Scherer on 2020-02-17 10:00:00

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What is the possibility at Super ShowDown to see Cain Velasquez costing Brock Lesnar the WWE title setting up a match between them at Wrestlemania and  Ricochet being used as a  transitional champion?

Whatever the lowest possible chance of something happening, that’s what it is.  Cain needs a lot of work at this point.  He doesn’t mean much to WWE fans so it makes no sense to have him feud with Lesnar going into the biggest show of the year.  And as much as I love Ricochet, winning the Title in that manner does nothing for him at all.

How would any moves the WWE makes with the Network affect their deal with Rogers who owns the Canadian rights to it? I imagine when they signed the deal, having the PPV's made it attractive to them.  Wouldn't they have to keep the events on there for Canada at least through the duration of their deal?

Unless they have an out clause, yes they would.  Plus, if WWE signs with an OTT that is only available in the US, they will probably keep their current delivery methods in place for all countries outside of America.

What do you think of NWA replacing the amazing Into The Fire intro music? It was the best intro music of all the Wrestling shows in my opinion and based on the comments on their first show without it on youtube I'm not the only one who thinks so.

It was a great intro, no doubt.  With that said, it’s not something I focus on when I watch the show. 

Who do you think HHH goes against at this year’s Wrestlemania? There doesn't seem to be any story set as of yet....

At this point, I am with you.  If he is going to wrestle, they have to set it up.  If they go older guy vs. older guy, they could put him in with Shane McMahon.  That could interesting…

What would you think about a War Games match between Rollins, Murphy, and AOP vs Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and the Viking Raiders?  I think that would tear the house down.  When could this match happen?  I just think that would be a killer match for this faction war.  Thoughts?

I think it would be great.  All of those guys can go.  I don’t know if Vince McMahon would want to do that on the main roster though.

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