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By Dave Scherer on 2020-02-16 10:00:00

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What are your three favorite parts of AEW?

Number one is the job Chris Jericho has done (after getting past being duped by Scorpio Sky). Two is Pac. He could even be number one. He has been that good. Hmm for three. I have enjoyed the growth of Hangman Page but right now I will go with the development of Darby Allin. 

Captain Morgan!   So…would he be the Rated Arrrr Superstar?

I like it! Bring it on Tampa!  Thanks for reading the Q and A (for those that miss what the point of this is, you can find out in last week’s Qs!).

Do you think Wrestlemania this year will be on the WWE Network or will it be on their new streaming partner?

Until we know what move WWE makes, if they even make one, we can’t say.  For example, if the PPVs end up on NBC’s Peacock, it doesn’t start until July.  That would mean Mania stays on the WWE Network this year.  If they made a deal with, say, ESPN+, it would depend on how soon they wanted to start the deal.  I think WWE would like to keep the show for this year, since it will mean a higher subscriber count when they announce their quarter two numbers.  But, if the new partner is up and running they would want Mania on their service for the same reason.

I've been listening to your audios and reading. You've touched on this a little seems to me that the NXT PPVs are a huge deciding factor for the future. I would personally keep the WWE Network, at the current price rate as long as the NXT Takeovers were still available and live, even if all the WWE Raw/Smackdown and PPVs were gone. NXT is worth the current price point. It's the same as new Japan. Your thoughts? 

To me personally?  Absolutely.  I will keep the Network no matter what, since it’s part of my job.  Six NXT Takeovers, along with other special events, would make it worth my money.  The big question though isn’t what people like us would do, it’s about what the people that currently only buy the Network to watch the PPVs will do.  I think WWE will lose a significant number of subscribers if they didn’t have the PPVs to offer any longer.

Did the lack of logic from the referee from the Omega-Page vs. SCU bug you as much as it bugged me?

It bothered me a lot, yes. The refereeing was horrid.  The whole match he let double teaming go on, sometimes with it being for seemingly minutes.  Then, when double submissions got locked on, THEN he decides it can’t happen.  Yet a minute later, there’s Page and Omega staying in the ring for a million count (or so it seemed).  No problem there.  It was only fitting that the finish of the match was so putrid.  I am not even sure Kazarian’s shoulder was down at the two count but it was clearly up well before the three, yet the counted the pin anyway and never acknowledged how bad it was.  The fans were chanting that the match was awesome because they got tons of spots.  To me?  It was terrible because the reffing was so putrid.

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