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By Jonnie Gash on 2020-02-14 17:12:00

REV Pro Wrestling results of their “High Stakes” show from London, U.K. ???????? at York Hall on 2/14/20:

Gisele Shaw beat Rev Pro British Women’s Champion Zoe Lucas by the bridging armbar submission to win the title. Shaw becomes the fourth to hold the title.

Lucas had been champion since December 2018 by defeating Jamie Hayter. Lucas is one of those types of solid pro wrestling characters where she doesn’t look right without having a title and you forget that she’s no longer the champion even after she loses a title.

Dan Moloney pinned Jeff Cobb after the Drilla Killer.

SWE Speed King Champion Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Robbie X after a piledriver.

LA Park pinned Eddie Kingston in a No DQ Match after a spear through a table set up in the ring when Kurtis Chapman interfered and gave Kingston a low blow.


Mark Haskins won a Scramble Match over Hikuleo, Carlos Romo, Mad Kurt, Chris Brookes, Kurtis Chapman and Kyle Fletcher by pinning Fletcher after a distraction from Vicky Haskins and interference from Lord Gideon Grey. Eddie Kingston came out during the match and went after Chapman.

Rev Pro British Tag Team Champions Rampage Brown and Great-O-Kharn (with Lord Gideon Grey) beat David Starr and Damian Dunne when O-Khan pinned Starr after interference from Mark Haskins, Vicky Haskins and Sha Samuels.

Michael Oku won the Rev Pro British Cruiserweight Title from El Phantasmo by half crab submission.

Will Ospreay pinned Zack Sabre Jr. to win the British Heavyweight Title in about 30 minutes after the Stormbreaker. I’m told it was a classic and a clinic as everyone expected between the two.

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