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By Mike Johnson on 2020-02-13 13:58:00

For those who have asked, the creative direction within the company since the onset of 2020 has primarily been Tony Khan.  The EVPs all have a say in what they are doing and are trusted, but all of the current storylines and pushes are Khan edicts and he's been very hands on with laying out exactly what he wants out of each segment in recent weeks.  Chris Jericho remains very involved with working to get the newer stars in the company over.

The Double or Nothing pre-sale today was extremely strong and all signs are the PPV will sell out when it goes on sale tomorrow officially.

As of today, Jeff Cobb is only booked for next Wednesday's Dynamite in Atlanta.  His status with Ring of Honor and New Japan remains unchanged.  As we reported yesterday, he is not signed to anyone and can work anywhere he wants.

With her win last night, Nyla Rose becomes the first Native American to win a women's title that I can recall in recent times as well as the first transgender athlete to be crowned a Women's Champion in the United States that we are publicly aware of.

There are tentatively slated to be a number of Dynamite tapings in California this June.  Since that's where the Young Bucks are from, it will very much be a homecoming for them.

Lexie, the new interviewer, is the daughter of Diamond Dallas Page.

AEW released the following MJF promo from backstage at last night's taping:

New Japan star Chase Owens was backstage visiting last night.

#CoachsCorner w/ Arn Anderson | 02/12/20 Cedar Park, Texas


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