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By Mike Johnson on 2020-02-13 10:00:00

There's been a lot of talk about changes to the WWE Network, but one thing we haven't seen is any word on more live EVOLVE specials.  If and when do you think we'll see them again?

It all depends on what's going on with the future of the Network.  If they are going to stay the course, If I was WWE, I'd broadcast the entire WRESTLExpo group of events on the WWE Network Wrestlemania weekend, especially since there will be WWE NXT personalities involved.  I feel WWE, that weekend, should basically broadcast live like it's Woodstock, going back and forth from AXESS to affiliated events.  If we don't see a special by then, my guess is the 11th Anniversary of EVOLVE, which would be in July.

Has there been any other word on the Teddy Hart arrest?  I know this is going to sound weird, but, was his cat with him?  Is it in a pound somewhere?

We are told the arrest took place after Hart had been pulled over by police in Richmond, Virginia.    I actually asked about the cat after you emailed this question and was told his cat was not in the car at the time, so you can rest assured it's not sitting in an animal control shelter somewhere.    We are told Hart is likely incarcerated until at least April when his first hearing takes place.  As it was explained to us, he's being considered a foreign national and given the crime he's accused of, they are not likely, at this point, to allow him to bond out.  That could change once he has a lawyer and sees a judge, obviously, but that may not happen until late April.

Hart had been at ROH a few days before.  Was he going into ROH?

He was not coming into Ring of Honor. He was visiting at the show in Baltimore as his girlfriend works for the company.

I was wondering if WWE has any sort of internal voting for the Hall of Fame?

They may.  I know in the past they would send out a list of potential names internally to employees to give their picks, but I haven't heard of that happening in some time.  In many cases, it comes down to who Vince McMahon wants to induct.

Do you ever see Vince McMahon going in?

I see it happening two ways.  One, he goes in after he passes or two, his family surprises him with it and he has no choice but to accept.


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