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By Paul Jordan on 2020-02-13 10:26:00

The Valentine’s Day Special edition of "After the Bell with Corey Graves" podcast is now available.

We are welcomed to the podcast; Corey says he has not lost his first or last name but don't give anybody any ideas. He mentions that he was glued to the TV watching this past weekend XFL debut. Graves knows that this is not a football podcast but go check it out. He promises you will enjoy it. The Oscars happened and everybody seems mad about it. Corey admits that he hasn't seen any of the movies that were nominated. Graves says that he had an interesting experience where he almost turned into a popsicle. He was Demolition Man this weekend. This transitions into the first interview of the podcast with Carmella.

After an elaborate introduction from her significant other, Carmella is welcomed to the podcast.  Corey states he wasn't going to give her that introduction at the still a little angry about being put in 170° below freezer. Carmella says he loved it. Corey states that he got off the plane sick. He states he's having trouble breathing. Carmella says that's separation anxiety it's perfectly understandable. Graves mentions that their dog may get a little excited as he could accidentally squeak Pancakes' favorite toy. Carmella says he's watching people walk in the snow. Graves talks about the misconception that WWE superstars have time off asking Carmella to explain her schedule for the last week. Carmella says that she has been decorating their new place and working on her new wine “Capo Cagna" is taking up most of her time. She wants to get her "Boss Bitch" brand off the ground. Carmella is not sure if it is okay to say that. Corey states not to worry as he will be the one getting in trouble for it. Graves asks how she got into the wine business. Carmella mentions how difficult it was. She states she reached out to many different wineries that blew her off saying they didn't want anything to do with her. There were a few that answered back one of those is Morgan Hill Family in Morgan Hill, California. She states that they were looking to do a collaboration with someone. They have been working on it for quite some time. Carmella says it has been two years in the making. They work on the wine Carmella works on the brand. Carmella talks about how her WWE schedule has been lighter as of late says she's been able to focus on making the wine label happen.

 Corey mentions that Carmella now lives in Pittsburgh with him want her to admit that she is a full-blown "Yinzer". Carmella admits that she loves the city, despite being raised in the New England area. They have been enjoying the nightlife as a couple has been taking in The Steel City. Graves says even before the couple had their furniture which was in transit, they were enjoying Primantis Brothers sandwiches looking outside of their front window. Graves mentions that that was the moment she promo with the city. Carmella states that she does love it. She says she loves walking everywhere and trying new things. And Pancake loves it as well. Carmella mentions that Corey loves spoiling the dog by him treats. Graves says something that he has to work on he just likes showing the dog love. Corey points out that Carmella buys him tons of gifts. She said they were going to talk about that. They both talk about how awkward during this interview is. Carmella then turns the tables on Corey and asked him a question. She asks what's it like to date the most beautiful, amazing, charismatic driven superstars in WWE? He says he will ask Otis. Carmella does not seem to find this funny. 

 Graves mentions how while he was going through the cryo- freeze event yesterday the girl behind the counter asked how hard it was to commentate on Carmella's matches. He states it is a little weird that he is more on the heel side and she is a Babyface. So, Corey asks if Carmella would become a detestable human being to make his job a little easier. Carmella mentions the reaction from fans who hear Corey talk about Mandy Rose and Alexa Bliss any given week. They mentioned how they try to keep business talk to a minimum when home.  Carmella finds that reaction funny as their playing characters and she is friends with women.  Corey mentions that Carmella was tagged in a tweet with Drew McIntyre and Corey asks if there's anything going on.  She seems exasperated by this.  Corey then says he wonders if all the Internet experts would enjoy their lives being subject to constant criticism.  Graves talks about the cryogenic therapy experience, saying that they put vitamins and nutrients in his veins.  He says they went to Whole Foods and felt better than anyone else.  Carmella says they went home and drank wine and negated the whole process much.  Corey asks about her SmackDown Women's Championship Match, mentioning that Carmella learned about it through social media while watching Raw on Monday. She was surprised. Carmella talks about recently being in a comedy role and it feels good to be able to get in there and really mix it up again. Especially with her longtime friend, Bayley she's is super excited. Corey asks other than her wine brand are there any other projects she would like to talk about. Carmella states she is not ready to reveal anything else yet. The Process of Staten Island reveals that her wine will be launching soon and be available in some local Pittsburgh eateries. Corey then asks what is the worst date she's ever been on. Carmella states she feels weird in answering this question. She states that on one date, leaving getting an Uber midway through the date due to being bored by the guy. Graves says he set the bar pretty low so that's pretty harsh. Carmella says Corey is very romantic. The SmackDown commentator says the interview was done as a publicity stunt to make people like him a little bit better

We then transition into the interview with Otis. After pleasantries, Corey mentions he doesn't know that much about what brought Otis to WWE.  Otis says he was recruited by Gerry Brisco at an amateur wrestling tournament.  He loves amateur wrestling dogfight style.  Otis always loved WWE and thought amateur wrestling was going to be like he's on television.  But he stuck with it.  Corey asks about a promise he made to his father about finishing school.  Otis reveals that many of his family took forever to finish school and that he has a learning disability, where he can read but finds he can't comprehend what he read.  Corey asks what his major was Commercial Recreation. He talks about doing rock climbing and other activities. Graves talks about Otis being a doorman for a nightclub. while going through school . He says it was about two years after doing every job in the club that he could. They discuss how women are much scrappier than men when it comes to fights. Otis talks about using a bear hug to subdue rowdy patrons. Otis talks about seeing a woman get kicked straight in the face. Otis talks about the craziness that could happen at the bar.

After a short break, Graves talks about Otis's legitimate law for stakes. The big man talks about Tucker and he loving meat. He talks about grilling with his tag team partner every chance he gets. Corey asks if not he gets to travel does Otis have favorite steakhouses. He says not really because most establishments close at 10 PM but he does enjoy certain places in New Orleans and others. Graves asks how the storyline in NXT got started with Mandy Rose. He talks about being really shy talking around a beautiful woman when he was younger.  But as you get older that dissipates. Otis says he was just messing around during practice giving everybody fruit names. Calling Mandy his peach and Sonya Deville his plum.

This evolved into reacting one of her modeling pics online which led to some fan confusion about whether something was going on. Otis mentions to fans when asked about Mandy, behind-the-scenes she is great.  Otis also mentions that his mama loves Corey using some explicit language in Polish regarding his love for Mandy Rose. Corey asks how the chemistry between Otis and Tucker came to be.  He talks about working the coconut loop trying to figure out what they were doing but it didn't take long.  Otis says sometimes Tucker can get kind of crabby sometimes, so he'll give him some space.  But most times there busting each other's balls.  Graves asks how Otis gets most of his mannerisms.  The big man says from his mother.  She in fact sticks her tongue out much like he does from time to time.  He also reveals that his great-grandma has history on the carnival wrestling circuit where fans would try to come out of the crowd and slammed the 300 pound woman.  Corey asks if William Regal knows about this history. Otis says he does and talks about his great-grandmother having seven kids and doing what she needed to make ends meet. Raising a family. He once again says he is inspired by his mother whether she likes a good or bad. He says that the Chris Farley stuff came by pure coincidence. Corey talks about his mother and her unique behavior. Otis gives a demonstration of his mother's interesting language. Otis also discusses how his coaches thought he was all entertainment. He says he understands that perspective. But he wants to entertain everyone along with taking it seriously. Corey talks about him being his own world shaking his hips and doing whatever. Otis discusses his dream of wanting to be walking down the ramp at WrestleMania with Tucker competing for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles in a cage match. Otis says he doesn't know when this will happen. But he is training with Chad Gable constantly in case it does. Corey says he wants to hear more from Otis about his family at some point.

After a Valentine's inspired moment of Zen. Corey closes out the podcast.

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