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By Paul Jordan on 2020-02-13 08:50:00

This week's additions to the Highspots Wrestling Network streaming service:

Ego's Amigos Eddie Kingston & Curt Stallion

On this episode of Ego's Amigos All Ego brings back for the fourth time his most popular guest and #HSWN spokesman Eddie Kingston and the Clint Eastwood of Wrestling Curt Stallion. Things go off the rails quick and boy does it get entertaining.

Topics Include:

-People at Home




-Best $9.99 in the BIZ!!!

-One Guy

-One Cup

-Poo Dog

Total Run Time 1 hour 27 minutes

Spitting Venum: Puma King

We're back with another exciting episode of Spitting Venum with Rob Viper who is sitting down with one of Lucha's most popular stars Puma King. Sit back and enjoy as Rob who is the Highspots Lucha expert and historian takes you through the career of Puma King from breaking in up until now.

Topics Include:

Early Days

Puma King Gimmick


Quitting CMLL



1.24.20 - A New Dawn - AAW Pro - Logan Square Auditorium - Chicago

Jordan Oliver vs. Jake Lander

ACH vs. Fred Yehi

Ace Austin/Clayton Gainz/Stephen Wolf vs. Air Wolf/Angel Dorado/Nate Webb

Wille Mack vs. AR Fox

OVE (Jake Crist/Sami Callihan) vs. Juventud Guerrera/Aramis

Kimber Lee/Jessicka Havok vs. Hyan/Savannah Stone

Ace Perry Open Challenge

AAW Heritage Championship Match: Hakim Zane vs. PACO - NO HOLDS BARRED

AAW Tag Team Championship Match: The Besties In The World (c) vs. Curt Stallion/Jake Something

Let It Ride

This is one Action Packed show and the 3rd Installment of GWA Florida . Matches include Ricky Martinez vs Jayden Riddin Rosali and Rocky Radley vs The Lucero Twins The Spectacular JC vs LaKay "GWA Champ" Alex Chamberlan vs Gangrel Chelsea Druden vs Anna Diaz " GWA Ladies Camp" Samoan Strike Force vs The Dirty Blondes Lil Jay vs Swoggle Kahagas vs Scott Steiner

Create A Pro Wrestling Presents "Northern Invasion" -  February 1st 2020 - Lynbrook, NY

Main Event - CAP Championship Match: VSK (c) vs. Ethan Paige

CAP TV Title Match: Eric James (C) vs. EJ Risk

CAP Tag Title Match: Shook Crew (Bryce Donovan) vs. The Even Stevens

Kobe Durst vs. Aaron Rourke

"Smart" Mark Sterling vs. Johnny Collins w/ Ariela Nyx vs. Philip Cardigan vs. Space Monkey

Bear Country vs. Spite vs. The Athletic Department

And Much More!

ECCW Hidden Gems: Best of 2019

Compilation of the best matches from Triple Crown, Mortal Kombat, and Season's Beatings that you've never seen before!

- Nicole Matthews vs. Nicole Savoy | ECCW Women's Championship

- Artemis Spencer vs. Tony Baroni vs. Sammy Guevara vs. Adam Brooks | ECCW Championship

- Artemis Spencer vs. Shareef Morrow | ECCW Championship

- Beef Boy vs. Bishop

- Judas Icarus vs. Erik Strange

- Travis Williams vs. Shareef Morrow | Last Man Standing

- Team El Phantasmo (Nicole Matthews, Judas Icarus, Billy Suede) vs. Team Artemis Spencer (Beef Boy, Ravenous Randy Myers, Jacky Lee) | Elimination Tag Match

War of the Genders 4

Prince Adam vs Vert Vixen

Nate Collins & Reiza Clarke vs Isiah James & The Insidious One

Jenna Lynn vs Allie Kat vs Veda Scott vs Will Allday vs Dave Segan vs Jazzy J Serious

Lucha Brutal Championship match: Chris Cruz (c) vs Erica Torres

Baby D vs Jordan Len-X

Aski vs Heather Monroe

Sabotage World Championship match: Hyan (c) vs ASF

War of the Genders Championship Match: GPA vs Fuego Del Sol vs Kylie Rae vs Alex Gracia

Viral Pro Wrestling Trick or Trauma -  October 12, 2019,

1. VPW Outbreak Championship: Owen Knight vs. Crazzy Steve

2. Montana Black vs Chuckles the Clown

3. Lucky Ali vs. Jason Kincaid

4. AC Mack vs. Chip Day

5. VPW Tag Team Championship: International Superstars vs. The Monster Squad

6. Casket Match: Wade Adams vs Sixx

7. Joey Lynch vs Sean Legacy


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