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By Cory Strode on 2020-02-12 20:36:00

It's Wednesday, TNT is excited we're watching, and we're in HEB Center at Cedar Park in Cedar Park, TX  for AEW Dynamite!

We begin with a recap of last week's show and we join our announcers Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone.  We start with a championship match and the Tag Team titles are on the line and everyone is in the ring.  We start with SCU with Christopher Daniels, followed by Adam Page and Kenny Omega. Before we get started, we get a video interruption from the Dark Order.

Evil Uno states that members may be closer than you think and the Exalted one is coming. Christopher Daniels goes to the back to see what's going on and we start the match.

SCU vs Omega and Page for the Tag Team Titles

We start with Kenny and Kaz in the ring. They bump fists and tie up.  Kaz gets a headlock on Kenny and works it for a bit.  Kenny tosses him off, but Kaz hits a shoulder tackle.  Kenny gets a pair of arm drags and they lock up again.  When they separate, Sky hits a cheap shot on Omega which stops the match and the crowd boos.

Kenny kicks Sky to the floor, and goes to leap off the top rope, but is pulled back by Kaz.  They exchange waist locks, and the sequence ends with Kaz rolling Kenny up for the two count.  SCU keeps Kenny on their side of the ring and tosses him with a reverse German suplex, Kaz knocks Page of the apron and then covers for a two count. Sky tags in, SCU hits some tandem offense and Sky gets another two count. SCU starts to set up for SCU Later, and Page comes in and breaks it up.  All four men battle, and it ends with Kaz and Page outside the ring on one side and Sky outside the ring on the other.

Kenny gets started with the Terminator move, but Sky grabs his foot and stops it  Kenny fights out and Sky runs across the ring to leap onto Page, and Kenny follows to leap onto SCU.  Kenny tosses Sky in the ring and nails a drop kick to Sky's back from the top, hits a Fisherman's buster and gets a two count.  Page in tagged in and Kaz jumps in and misses them.  Kenny hits a crusher on Kaz, Page hits a fallaway slam on Sky.  He tags in Kenny and Kenny nails Sky with You Can't Escape.  Page hits a standing moonsault and Kenny goes for a back moonsault and Sky gets his knees up.

Page is shoved off the top by Kaz and Sky and SCU start working over Omega. Kaz tosses Kenny out of the ring where Sky works him over before tossing him back into the ring for Kaz to hit a scoop slam and a leg drop for a two count.  Kaz tags in Sky who keeps up the pressure on Kenny.  Kenny tries to fight his way out  of it, but Sky ends the comeback with a kick, a tag to Kaz and Kaz gets a two count. Kenny fights his way up with Kaz on his back and Page is not in their corner.  

Sky is tagged in and SCU works over Kenny in the corner.  Kenny is able to escape and Page is up and ready for the tag.  He comes in, clears house and when SCU is in opposite corners, he runs back and forth giving clotheslines.  He carries Sky to the middle of the ring, drops him and hits a standing moonsault for a two count. Page calls Kenny over and they pull Sky up and toss him into the ropes.  Kenny goes for a clothesline and is tossed out by Sky.  Page attempts a buckshot lariat, but Sky ducks and Kaz hits him with a clothesline instead. Sky runs in for a cover and a two count.

Kaz is tagged in and they hit the swinging assisted DDT and Kaz covers for a two count.  Kaz hits a backstabber, Sky hits a cutter, Kenny comes in to get a cutter as well and SCU locks in reverse chokes.  Kenny is able to run Kaz into Sky and all four men are on the mat, recovering.  Page and Kaz are the first up and they start fighting. Kenny tags in, hits Kaz with a V Trigger, Sky comes in for a Snapdragon. Page flips in to hit a Buckshot on Kaz, but misses, and Sky grabs Kenny's foot from the outside.  Page hits Kaz with a pop up power bomb, and Kenny escapes to hit Kaz with a V Trigger.  Page leaps onto Sky outside the ring, gets in position for a buckshot V trigger and Kenny gets the three count, but Kaz grabs the rope TOO LATE 

Your Winners:  Kenny Omega and Adam Page 

Page grabs a beer and leaves through the crowd.  

SCU are in the ring, and the Dark Order comes out to surround the ring.  The Best Friends run in to help defend the ring and Dark Order doesn't come in.  Coming to the ring now are Bunny, Butcher and The Blade, Hybrid 2 and finally the Young Buck sand everyone is fighting in advance of next week's battle royal.

When the battle clears, the Young Bucks have the ring to themselves, are standing tall, and they leap onto everyone on the outside as we go to commercial.

When we get back, we get a rundown of the matches coming up tonight.  Once they fill us in, it's time for JR to interview Santana.

JR says that Santana is out for revenge and Santana said that Mox would know what it's like to live in darkness, what did he mean by that.  Santana tells a story about how ten years ago; he was living in a crappy apartment with no job or money.  He called his father and talked to him about when his father went blind and how Santana lost his dad.  

JR asks why Mox shouldn't attack the Inner Circle.  Santana says Mox had a chance to join the Inner Circle, but tonight, Mox will know what it's like to be in the dark.

And we come back to another video from Darby Allen, who still can't talk.  He holds up a sign made from busted wood that says, “You've made a mistake”, Sooner or later, I'll find ya”, “But in the meantime”, “Sammy, you busy at Revolution?”, “Hit me up”

JR says that Darby's injuries are worse than thought, and they show the attack a few weeks ago as Sammy Guevara comes to the ring with Jake Hager. Dustin Rhodes comes to the ring all on his own. 


Sammy Guevara vs Dustin Rhodes

Sammy bails out of the ring and the bell sounds.  Sammy confers with Hager and comes in the ring as Jake teases getting into the ring.  It didn't work as Dustin just beats down Sammy and Dustin covers him for a two count. Sammy goes outside the ring, and Dustin attacks him there, and goes face to face with Hager.  Sammy tries to take advantage, but Dustin catches him again and we go to commercial.

The fight continues on dual screen. And Sammy is able to get an advantage during the ads.

When we get back, Sammy tries a springboard, but Dustin grabs him and flapjacks Sammy to the mat. Dustin keeps control with strikes and ends the sequence with a power slam and a two count.  Dustin climbs to the top and Hager climbs up to meet him.  Sammy takes advantage and hits an attitude adjustment with a knee to the back of Dustin's head and a two count.  Sammy climbs to the top and Dustin is able to get up and take control and tosses Sammy to the mat.  Sammy is able to leap up again and Dustin tosses him to the mat again and then hits a Canadian Destroyer, a final reckoning and a three count on Sammy.   

Your Winner: Dustin Rhodes

After the match, Dustin tells Jericho's Bitch, Jake Hager, to turn around.  Hager gives the stare of death, and Dustin asks is he will ever step in the ring.  He's failing in MMA and is failing in AEW and Dustin wants revenge for breaking his arm AT REVOLUTION

Hager walks to the back without giving an answer and JR reminds us that Hager has never been beaten in MMA.

We get a recap of last week's Britt Baker match.  It's now time for Tony Schiavone to get verbally beat up by Britt Baker.  She gives Tony a hug and he asks how can she justify what she did last week.

Baker says it's a stupid question, and she stayed true to her profession as Yuka's tooth was infested and needed to be removed. OK, she said it with a lot of medical jargon, and I ain't typing that.  Baker says she took the tooth out for free, probably doesn't have health insurance.  But Tony, Mr. Starbucks does. The crowd chants for Tony and he asks her about the championship match coming out tonight.  

Baker says we will be impressed by both, and the amazing thing is that they will still be #2 compared to her.  She heels the crowd AND Whataburger. She's got degrees, was the first woman signed, and it's HER division. The crowd is all over her and she leaves as we go to commercial.

When we get back, we get a recap of the last time Riho and Nyla Rose met, and how Nyla got suspended. After the recap, Nyla is on her way to the ring.  Riho then comes to the ring and she started as a professional at 9 years old.  

Riho vs. Nyla Rose for the Women's Championship

Riho starts off with a high knee and gets a waist lock, but Rose backs her into the corner for a few blows, and then tosses her to the other corner.  Riho escapes, rolls Rose up and gets a two count.  Rose slams Riho to the mat for a two count, but Riho bridges out and comes off the ropes with a drop kick, but Rose swats her away. Rose picks Riho to set up for the vertical suplex, but Riho escapes and attacks with punches and kicks until Rose is knocked out of the ring.

Riho comes off the top rope onto Rose, but Rose catches her, hits a back breaker and then driver her into the apron. As Riho recovers, Rose sets up a table.  Riho runs the table and drop kicks Rose in the face.  We go to commercial and we see the fight continue in the small screen.  

When we come back, Riho is trying to get out of a choke slam, and is able to hit a crucifix, but is unable to get a pin from it.  The ref counts to 7 as they both recover, and Riho hits a drop toe hold on Rose and tires for a 619. but Rose blocked it.  She leaves Riho hanging on the rope and then comes off the top rope with a leg drop and gets a two count with a lazy, arrogant cover.  

They climb the ropes and as Riho is fighting off, Rose bites her and hits an avalanche death valley driver for a two count. Riho tries to fight back with strikes and Rose pulls her up onto her shoulders for One Winged Angel and Riho escapes and hits a snap dragon suplex.  She hits a second one and then misses a running knee strike.  Rose fights back, but Riho escapes and gets a northern lights suplex and a two count.

Riho hits a double foot stomp from the tope and gets a one count on Rose.  Riho climbs for another foot stomp, and up again for knees to the face on Rose and gets a two count, but Rose gets a foot on the ropes.

Riho attempts a running attack and Rose hits a spear, followed by a power bomb for the three count.

Your winner and NEW Women's Champion, Nyla Rose

She steps on Riho as she goes to the ropes to celebrate, and as Rose leaves the ring, we go to commercials. As she walks to the back on the small screen, Kenny stands in front of her before going to the ring.

We come back to the Inner Circle with Lexie Nair.

Jericho has big news for next week: Jericho says the Mox attacking Santana means he is the lowest form of life. He's not happy about having to face Mox, but next week, Jeff Cobb will be coming to beat up Mox.  Jericho thought he's see Mox in the Inner Circle, but instead, he'll see him in hell.  We get a video package of Jeff Cobb showing his power.  

We then get a recap of last week's ten lashes to Cody from MJF.  Brandi has been brought out to the announcers table and they ask her about next week's cage match.  She says it's an obstacle to overcome.  Um.  OK. She's invited to stay, and Dave Scherer starts to softly cry. 

Next, on his way to the ring is MJF and Wardlow and it’s time for more commercials. 

When we return, Jungle Boy comes to the ring on the shoulders of Luchasaurus, and Marco Stunt is with them.  They go to the back and Jungle Boy is alone.  

MJF vs Jungle Boy

They tie up and trade holds with write, waist and headlocks.  MJF grabs Jungle Boy's hair and tosses him to the mat.  Jungle Boy gets up behind him shaking his head and MJF does it again. MJF struts off the ropes, and then they run the ropes.  They trade holds and quick two counts while locked together. They both kip up and face off simultaneously.  Jungle Boy knocks MJF out of the ring.  

MJF climbs back in and offers a handshake, and Jungle Boy slaps his hand. Jungtle3 Boy then hits an arm drag that comes from a series of leaps off of the ropes.  MJF hits a throat strike and takes over and pulls in our of the ring.  In the back, Arn Anderson is watching the match and Jungle Boy recovers.  MJF makes sure that every time Jungle Boy starts to recover, he stops it with a strike and then gets back in the ring for the ref to count as we go to commercial 

On the small screen, Jungle Boy gets back in the ring and MJF keeps control.

When we get back, Jungle Boy is starting a comeback and he hits MJF with a back body drop and they both try to recover.  Jungle Boy is able to keep control by recovering first and hitting strikes and kicks. MJF leaves the ring and Jungle Boy hits three topes on MJF.  He brings MJF back in the ring and as MJF escapes one move, Jungle Boy hits a Poison Rana and gets a two count.

MJF has never been pinned or submitted in an AEW ring.

Jungle Boy tried to dead lift MJF, but his back gives out. MJF is able to escape a second attack and lams Jungle Boy from the top turnbuckle to the mat and then hold shim in a unique submission hold with Jungle Boy being held upside down on MJF's back.  Jungle Boy escapes, hits a flip kick out of the corner and before he can leap, MJF runs into the rope an knocks Jungle Boy down.

MJF verbally attacks Brandi, and he and Jungle Boy fight on the top rope.  Jungle Boy hits a Liger Bomb and gets a two count.  Wardlow comes to ringside and Jungle Boy gets in a few strikes.  The ref pulls him aside since they are fighting in the ropes.  Wardlow hands MJF the Big Diamond Ring.  MJF nails Jungle Boy with the ring, and then follows it up with a Crossroads and gets the three count.

Your winner, MJF

Wardlow attacks and hits an F5 on Jungle Boy.  Luchasaurus and Marco Stunt come to the ring to run them off.  

Commercials for Revolution and the AEW store before other commercials.

We come back to Pac explaining he is all of Kenny Omega's problems.  A well done promo that is filmed in black and white with a lot of cool images of where Pac trains.  They let us know about the matches next week's very loaded show.  

We get a video recap of Moxley's eye getting attacked and how Moxley went after Santana's eye.  And now, Le Champion is coming out of his suite with Sammy and Hager to show the crowd his belt and they can sing his theme song.  

It's now time for Santana to come to the ring with Ortiz.  Santana's eye is covered with a bandanna.  Now, it's time for Mox to come through the crowd.  He starts in the concourse and is still wearing his battle eye patch from last week.  

Santana attacks Mox before he can get over the barricade.  Ortiz attacks with his loaded sock and  Santana and Mox  fight through the crowd. When they get back to the barricade, Mox tosses Santana in and they fight around the ring.  Ortiz gets in Mox's face and Mox faces him down.  FINALLY they get in the ring.

Your Main Event:  Jon Moxley vs Santana

Mox is in control with chops, but Santana tries to come back, but Mox clotheslines him out for the ring.  Mox follows up with a leap onto Santana outside the ring and they brawl outside the ring.  Santana drops Mox onto the steel step and then tries to shove Mox's eye on the step's corner.

Mox fights out and tosses Santana back in the ring.  Santana is able to fight from the higher ground and takes control as we go to commercial.  In the small screen, they continue to brawl, and Santana is in control.  

When we get back, Mox is able to fight back and drops Santana with a double ax handle and strikes.  Mox gets a  backslide into a two count, and when Santana gets a shoulder up, Mox puts him in an arm bar.  Santana rolls out and Mox gets a release German suplex on Santana.  Mox tries to attack in the corner and Santana reverses it and takes Mox down.  They try a few missed holds and then Santana gets a reverse cutter on Mox.  He then hits a stalling pile driver on Mox for a two count.

Mox lays on the mat, and Santana climbs to the top and goes for a frog splash, but Mox gets his knees up.  As they struggle to get up, Ortiz tries to attack with his slap jack from the outside, but the ref catches him.  Santana  tries to run into Mox, but Mox dodges and rolls Santana up for a two count.  

Santana gets up and scores a kick, and Mox recovers with a clothesline. 

Mox climbs to the top and Ortiz nails him by spraying him with alcohol in Mox's good eye.  Mox drops to the mat, and Santana follows up with a cannonball onto Mox.  Santana climbs to the top, gets a frog splash and Mox kicks out at the last second.  Mox's good eye is still bothering him, and Santana teases him and stays out of the way of Mox's wild swings.  Mox is able to get a thumb in Santana's bad eye.  Mox is able to find Santana and gets a Paradigm Shift for a three count.

Your winner, Mox

The Inner Circle attacks, and Jericho saunters to the ring. After a few more attack, Hager holds Mox up for Jericho to nail him with the title belt.  Hager and Sammy hold Mox up as Jericho takes off his shirt and hits a Judas Effect.  Jericho covers Mox and they count three.

Jericho motions for someone to come from the back, and it's Jeff Cobb!

Cobb hits the Tour of the Islands and they all pose over Mox.


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