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By Anthony Pires on 2020-02-12 03:38:00

Tony Schiavone is flying solo in Huntsville, AL.  Dasha will be back next week.  Excalibur and Taz are calling the action.

Shoko Nakajima vs AEW World Women’s Champion Riho (non-title match)

We a lockup, Shoko with a headlock takedown, Riho counters with a headscissors but Shoko escapes and relocks the headlock.  Riho elbows out and Shoko hits an armdrag and a dropkick for 2 as the Champ bridges out.  Off the ropes, Riho with a dropkick but a deep armdrag by Nakajima, Riho slides to the outside.  Nakajima with a tope suicida.  Nakajima rolls her back in and covers Riho for 2.  Cravate and kneelifts by Nakajima.  Riho is downed in the corner and Nakajima with kicks and a catapult, choking Riho on the bottom rope.  Two count to Nakajima.  Front facelock full-nelson by Nakajima, Riho forces a break in the ropes.  Neckbreaker for 2 by Nakajima.  Victory roll out of nowhere and a double stomp by Riho.  Riho with a cross body off the top for 2.  Drop toe hold by Riho, Nakajima evades a 619.  Nakajima dropkicks Riho across the middle rope.  Shoko misses the first 619 but continues the spin and hits it on the second try.

The two trade forearms and elbow strikes, Riho gets the edge until Shoko hits a kick.  Shoko off the ropes but Riho with a jumping knee strike.  Shoko with a body scissors and Riho with a Northern Lights for 2.  Double stomp by Riho off the top rope for 2.  They exchange several two counts between the two of them, Nakajima misses a senton off the top.  Double knee strikes to the back and then another running knee strike to the face for the pin.


Tony with a few quick words about Riho and we go back to the arena.

Jimmy Havoc vs. Sonny Kiss

Collar and elbow, Kiss forces a break. Go behind takedown by Havoc into a front facelock.  Quick arm twist by Havoc, he takes Kiss down.  Kiss backflips out and rolls Havoc up for a 1 count.  Havoc offers a handshake and, shockingly, Kiss accepts and there’s no cheap shot.  Moments later, Havoc lays him out with an uppercut.  Kiss reverses a backdrop into a Hurancanrana.  Armdrag by Kiss and a slap across the face.  Havoc counters with a back elbow.  Dropkick by Havoc in the corner, they go to the outside.  Havoc slams Kiss into the post.  Kiss fights back with chops but Havoc tries to hyperextend the elbow by bending it backwards on the steel post.

Havoc with a hammerlock throw into the apron and then slams Kiss’ arm on the steps.  In the ring, Havoc slaps on an armbar.  Kiss punches out by Havoc hits a Japanese armdrag, sending Kiss flying into the turnbuckle.  Suplex by Havoc for a 2 count.  Havoc resorts to biting Kiss’ hand.  Havoc is really mixing up the brawling with technical wrestling well tonight.  Kiss punches out of a wrist lock but Havoc with a rolling Death Valley Driver for 2.  Havoc transitions into a Fujiwara armbar, Kiss makes the ropes.  Kiss gets to his feet first and hits a dropsault and uppercut combination.  Belly to belly by Kiss, he follows up with a clothesline.  Kiss drapes Havoc between the ropes and hits a split legdrop for 2.  Kiss misses a moonsault.  Havoc goes for a clothesline and Kiss bridges back but can’t hold it as his injured arm give out.  Kiss with a jawbreaker, he doesn’t get all of it and goes immediately into a series of punches.  Roundhouse kick by Kiss and he goes for another split legdrop but Havoc gets a knee up.  Flying cross armbreaker and joint manipulation by Havoc and Sonny has no choice but to tap out.

WINNER: Jimmy Havoc

We are joined by Luther, the Mutant sent to destroy the world.  He puts Jimmy Havoc on notice.  These two could have a very dangerous match. 

Tony gives us a look at where AEW will be coming soon and plugs Revolution on February 29th

Hikaru Shida vs. Cassandra Golden

Golden flexes and hits a front kick after a missed clothesline by Shida.  Headlock by Golden, Shida reverses into one of her own.  Shida tries a shoulderblock but can budge her opponent.  Golden grabs Shida’s hair as she tries another.  Shida then pulls Golden’s hair.  Golden with a Biel throw using Shida’s hair.  Hip attack by Golden for a 2 count.  Shida counters with a forearm, kidney kick and bodyslam.  Shida can hit a suplex as Golden hits a front suplex off of the block.  Side slam by Golden she wastes some time preening to the crowd.  Shida barely kicks out at 2 after a Vader Bomb.  Full Nelson by Golden, Shida stomps Golden’s feet to escape.  The two women exchange rollups for 2 counts until Shida hits a big forearm shiver.  Shida with a running knee and a judo toss.  Missile dropkick off the top by Shida and gets a 2 count.  Golden with a hairpull takedown and legdrop for 2.  Off the ropes, Shida with an enziguri, Falcon Arrow and Running Kick for the pin.

WINNER: Hikaru Shida

The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) vs Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt

#JoinDarkOrder.  Stunt immediately with a dropkick on Grayson, Grayson reverses a whip into the corner but misses the splash.  Stunt with a springboard elbow, Grayson plows through him with a shoulderblock.  Jungle Boy gets tagged in and blocks a rollup and hits a flying headscissor and a running forearm.  Jungle Boy then hits a hiptoss and dropkick, followed by a dropkick as Grayson is on his knees.  Blind tag to Evil Uno, he nails Jungle Boy from behind with a clothesline.  Uno with a chop and a leap over the top rope to the apron and hits a senton for 2.  Jungle Boy fights back with chops but the Dark Order (which you should join) stop the rally and Grayson, who is now the legal man, with a Uranage for a 2 count.  Tag to Uno he rakes Jungle Boy’s back.  Jungle Boy again fights back but a back rake stops it cold.  Tag in to Grayson. 

Grayson with a Cravat into the turnbuckle and tags back in Evil Uno.  High suplex by Uno, Grayson tags in.  Jungle Boy escapes a torture rack and each goes for a cross body, they crash heads.  Both men crawl and tag out.  Uno with a big boot to Stunt.  Grayson tags back in.  Uno throws Stunt into Grayson, Stunt with a flying headscissor, which forces Grayson and Uno to collide.  Stunt jumps off Grayson’s back and hits a dropkick on Uno.  He charges Uno but the masked man catches Stunt and throws him to Grayson, Stunt turns it to a DDT on Grayson.   Stunt gets the tag to Jungle Boy and JB goes on the attack, hitting Uno with elbows and uppercuts.  He goes to the apron and takes Grayson out with a superkick.  Jungle Boy with a running lariat and then a tope suicida on Grayson and some creepers, who make the correct life decision to join The Dark Order.  Jungle Boy with a Samoan  Drop on Uno for 2.  Both teams tag out, Jurassic Express with a series of double team moves that results in Stunt nailing a springboard senton on Grayson while Grayson is draped on the 2nd rope.  German Suplex by Jungle Boy, who’s legal again.  Uno tags in and nails a right hand punch, down goes Jungle Boy.  Back breaker by Uno for 2.  Jungle Boy avoids the double team and gets the tag to Stunt.

Stunt off the top, tries for a Hurancanrana Grayson throws him into Evil Uno for a sit down powerbomb.  Evil Uno tags in and The Dark Order hits the Fatality on Stunt for the pin.

WINNERS: The Dark Order

Creepers hit the ring to attack but Luchasaurus comes out and cleans house.  Even Alex Reynolds and John Silver can’t stop Luchasaurus.  Grayson and Uno finally get the upper hand as SCU makes the save. 

Tony Schiavone plugs tomorrow night’s episode of Dynamite.

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