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By Anthony Pires on 2020-02-11 20:51:00

We begin with Sean Mooney promising us an update of a Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll situation this weekend in Baltimore. 

I miss Dokken so much BUT we are in the GPB Studio and Joe Galli and Stu Bennett join us.  Eli Drake and James Storm join them with the NWA World Tag Team Title belts in tow.

The Dawsons (Zane and Dave with The Pope) vs. The Bouncers (The Beer City Bruiser and Brawler Milonas with Eddie Kingston)

Bruiser and Zane Dawson kick us off with a shoving match.  Double clotheslines and neither man budges.  Zane gets the better of the exchange and comes off the ropes, Bruiser with a lariat and tags in Milonas.  Zane tags in for his team.  Zane taunts Milonas and they exchange chops.  Milonas finally puts Zane down and tags in the Bruiser.  Milonas with sit down splashes in the corner and Bruiser with a running knee.  Bruiser with jabs and an attempted bite but, as we know, Bruiser can’t bite since he ain’t got no teeth.  Bruiser bounds off the ropes and Dave tries to hit him but Bruiser knocks him off the apron with a right hand.  Dropkick by Dave Dawson, he slows things down with a chinlock.  The Dawsons with chops and forearms in the corner.  Dave tags in and Bruiser tries to chop his way out of the corner.  Dave Dawson with a spinning elbow, puts the Bruiser down.  Dave tags in Zane.  Bruiser breaks a double team and puts the Dawsons down with a clothesline to each and tags in Milonas, who hits 2 Avalanches and a cross body on Zane.  The Pope and Kingston square off outside.  Milonas goes of a second rope splash but Dave stops him.  Double power bomb by the Dawsons for 2.  Outside the ring, Bruiser shoves Dave into the post.  Milonas intercepts Zane and hits a superplex.  Bruiser nails a top rope splash on Zane and Milonas scores the pin.

WINNERS: The Bouncers

The Bouncers and Storm & Drake celebrate by drinking beer out of the Crockett Cup at ringside.

The location and date for the 2020 Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup will be revealed next week.

We see NWA World Champion Nick Aldis backstage in Baltimore this past Sunday with Quinn McKay, talking about Marty Scurll getting personal going after the 10lbs of Gold.

Thomas Lattimer joins Joe Galli.  Kamille is with him.  Galli asks Lattimer if he’s going after stablemate Nick Aldis’ World Title.  Lattimer states his intention is to regain the NWA World Tag Team Title with Royce Isaacs. Storm and Drake are not a true team, according to Lattimer.  Galli attempts to talk to Kamille but she (once again) elects not to speak. 

Tim Storm vs Thomas Lattimer

Lattimer attacks at the bell with swinging rights.  Storm reverses an Irish Whip and clotheslines Lattimer over the top rope, Lattimer lands on his feet.  Lockup, they go around the ring.  A series of shoulderblocks, neither man gets the advantage.  Storm blocks a punch and starts wailing away.  Back body drop by Storm.  They exchange punches, Lattimer gets the edge with a chop and a spear for 2.  Lattimer rains elbows and clubbing forearms in the corner.  Short clothesline by Lattimer for 2.  On the ground, more Lattimore elbows gets another 2 count.  Storm starts feeling no effects of the punches.  Storm with a clothes line and an elbow to regain the edge.  Neckbreaker by Storm, they bang heads, both are down.  They rise and a boot to the face by Storm,  he gets backdropped over the turnbuckle on to the apron off of the charge.  Storm backdrops his way out of a piledriver and goes shoulder first into the post when he tries a charge.  DDT by Lattimer and he gets the pin.

WINNER: Thom Lattimer

“Mama Storm” from last week comes out to taunt Tim. Storm, oddly, walks away.

We see highlights of the 10 minute draw between NWA National Champion Aron Stevens and Trevor Murdoch.  Dave Marquez brings out Murdoch who is yelling about Stevens always running away.  Everyone, including Marquez, want to see a rematch.  Murdoch, fired up, says his mentor Harley Rave would be ashamed if he saw Stevens and The Question Mark.  This brings out The Question Mark, who seems to go into the Mongrovian National Anthem.  Mark seems to issue a challenge

We go to Sean Mooney for an update.  We are reminded of Aldis’ challenge of Scurll refunding the gate if he loses to Aldis.  Scurll has a counter offer: Instead of the gate, Scurll will give Aldis $500,000.  Backstage, Aldis admires the offer.  Aldis formally accepts the challenge.  Nick Aldis vs Marty Scurll is officially the Main Event of the Crockett Cup.  The NWA Circle Squared debuts next week.  NWA Powerrr will be on hiatus next week for this. 

Nikita Koloff promotes his ministry while holding the old UWF TV Title belt.

NWA TV Title: Matt Cross (challenger) vs. Ricky Starks (NWA TV Champion)- 6:05 time limit

Lockup, they exchange go behinds, snap mare by Cross, reversed into an armbar by Starks.  Cross reverses it and Starks nails a drop toe hold into another armbar.  Chinlock now by Starks, he works into a full headlock.  Shoulderblock by Starks, he evades a standing moonsault and hits a running dropkick.  Monkey flip by Starks, Cross lands on his feet and Starks meets him with an elbow.  Starks runs into a backbreaker for 2.  Cross with kicks in the corner, 3 minutes remain. Cross slams Starks into the buckle.  Handspring back elbow by Cross for 2. Starks with a chop, they exchange forearms, big pump kick by Cross for 2.  90 seconds remain.  Back elbow by Cross, followed by chops in the corner.  Starks blocks a suplex.  One minute left, Starks nails a suplex.  Both are down.  Back elbow and a spinning DDT by Starks for 2.  Starks tries to throw Cross out but he rebounds with a Cross Cutter as time runs out.

RESULT: Time Limit Draw- Ricky Starks retains title and gets title defense #2 of the Lucky 7.

The Outlandish Zicky Dice comes out to issue a challenge for the title, complete with some outlandish remarks.

Marti Belle is out and touting Melina’s brilliance and effectiveness.  She’s asked about Melina’s control over Belle and Belle feverishly defendes her mentor.  She accuses Allysin Kay of not caring about the NWA, her fans or her friends.  Out comes Kay, who tells Marti to keep her mouth shut about what she does and does not care about.  She accuses Melina of using Belle, even calling her Jim Jones and Belle is drinking the Kool Aid.  Kay confesses that she’ll be there if Belle ever needs her. 

Melina vs. Tasha Steelz

Steelz offers respect but Melina shoves her away.  Forearms by Steelz, Melina stops herself on the ropes and nails Steels with her heel off of a standing headscissors.  Melina with a Facebuster off of a snap mare.  Kicks by Melina in the corner.  Melina with a low kick and a running kneelift.  Righy hand punch by Melina.  Steelz fights back with forearms but Melina with a spinning facebuster.  Ground and pound by Melina.  Steelz with chops and forearms to fight back.  A back elbow and a running forearm puts Melina down. Neckbreaker for 2 by Steelz.  Spinning forearm and face first suplex by Melina for 2.  Steelz counters with a jawbreaker, she misses a clothes line and Melina hits one of her own.  Primal Scream legdrop by Melina and she gets the pin.

WINNER: Melina

Melina with Dave Marquez declares herself the Living Legend.  Next week it’ll be Melina vs. Thunder Rosa, sanctioned by Melina.

Nick Aldis & Royce Isaacs vs The Rock n Roll Express

Sal Rinauro gets Mae Valentine a front row seat.  Gibson and Isaacs start off.  Gibson with a rollup for 2.  Headlock by Gibson followed by a hiptoss.  Morton tags in and they each yank one of Isaac’s legs.  Morton punches Aldis, Gibson with a leg twist on Isaacs.  Morton and Gibson tag in and out several times, always cutting the ring off and hitting Aldis on the apron.  Gibson gets rakes in the eyes while trying to maintain an ankle lock on Isaacs, Aldis gets the tag.  Aldis with kicks and punches in the corner.  Morton gets a blind tag and nails a hurancanrana.  Isaacs tags back in, met by a series of right hands by Morton.  They go outside and Morton ducks an Isaacs clothesline but get nailed by Aldis.  Back to the ring Isaacs gets a 2 count. Belly to back suplex for 2.  Tag in to Aldis.  Aldis with punches in the corner, he whips Morton to the opposite corner and misses a charge.  Isaacs and Gibson tag in.  Back elbow by Gibson. Small package for 2 by Gibson.  Gibson with a suplex, Aldis goes to the top but gets bodyslammed off the top by Gibson for his efforts. Backslide for 2 by Gibson, Isaacs with a double leg takedown and gets the pin on Gibson with his feet planted on the ropes.

WINNERS: Nick Aldis and Royce Isaacs

Quick video recap of Marty Scurll’s arrival to the NWA and we go to credits.

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