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By Mike Johnson on 2020-02-11 08:53:00

At the oneset of this past weekend's Ring of Honor Free Enterprise event, ROH COO Joe Koff opened the show with a message from the company to its audience. 

Koff's complete statement promised the company will take one of its "biggest steps forward ever."  Koff's complete comments are as follows: 

"As 2020 is underway, I want to first take this moment to thank everybody in the Ring of Honor family for everything that they continue to contribute to our company.  That includes our wrestlers, our staff , our vendors and most importantly, you our fans.  We owe you the utmost gratitude.  This year, we're gearing up for probably one of the biggest steps forward ever and I really hope everyone will enjoy the direction we are headed. 

For starters, we are bolstering our infrastructure and taking big steps in every department to improve The Fan Experience, whether it's at a live event, on TV or any of our digital platforms.  Fans can expect better value from the Honor Club.  We are working on improving the experiences, adding the entire back catalog and features that we truly believe will make it the best subscription service in professional wrestling.  When we launched it,  it was meant to be more than than a Network, and we will live up to that.

Lastly, #ROHCares will be more of a focus than ever as we apply this to everything we do.  Over the years, ROH stars have visited children's hospitals and youth groups. We provided thousands of tickets to U.S. veterans via through our Vet Tix program and we thak you for your service.

Now tonight, we extend this initiative to all our fans with Free Enterprise. So we thank you all for coming and hope you enjoy what you see. This is the best professional wrestling on the planet and Together We Are Family."

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