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By Dave Scherer on 2020-02-12 10:00:00

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Where have the IIconics been lately?

As Mike Eps mentioned on the Funnest Mailbag this week, they have been back home in Australia, where the wildfires have wreaked havoc on their country.

Would you be a buyer of the WWE stock right now?

A buyer?  No, not at this point.  I think the current TV deals are already priced into the stock and I don’t see where new revenue drivers are going to come from, other than selling the PPVs to an OTT.  If I owned it, I would probably hold it for a little while and see what happens with the PPVs but if the stock went under $40 I would sell.  The caveat there is I would have never paid more than $40 for the stock so I would be selling for a profit.

Do you think Eli Drake may be the next big star? He has a bit of The Rock and Stone Cold in him. He has adapted his style into his own and really commands the audience. He just motions with his hands and the fans repeat his name. Do you think he’s the next leader of the NWA or does he go to a larger company? 

Drake is a really conundrum to me.  He seems to have everything WWE would want, good look, good promo, good charisma.  Yet, they let him go from developmental and he has never been back.  It’s surprising to me.  He’s 37 years old so if they are going to make a move, the time seems to be now.  But I like him, have since his TNA days.  I think there is a ton you can do with a guy like that.

Do you think the XFL will make it?

It depends on what you call making it.  Do I think it will come close to overtaking the NFL?  No, I don’t.  Could it stay around as a niche product?  Given it has support from TV networks at the start if they can draw the right number of people each week it will be worth something to the broadcasters.  That will decide, via rights fees, whether the project will remain viable.  The track record of other leagues that have tried to start a league, including the original XFL, hasn’t been good so their chances of survival really are tied into whether they can get good TV deals.

Will you be watching the XFL?

I won’t be make it destination viewing, like I do with the NFL.  It’s nothing against the league, it’s just that once February rolls around, my fill of football has been met.  For me, it’s time to start thinking about other sports.  And given that I don’t know almost all of the players in the new league, to me it’s just football for football’s sake.  I know to some people that’s enough, and that’s great.  I am just not one of those people.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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