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By Dave Scherer on 2020-02-10 10:00:00

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What did you think of the angle that AEW did where Cody Rhodes took a beating?

To be completely honest, I found it disturbing.  I get that wrestling is a physical business and all, but I have always been from the Bret Hart school of "two guys should go out and work a match and then be able to go have a beer afterward because they didn't actually hurt each other".  Clearly, Cody didn't do that.  He took a legitimate assault from MJF and Wardlow.  That kind of thing just makes me uncomfortable to watch.  Wrestling is a dangerous profession when talents are trying to work everything.  To me, you just don't need to add real, legitimate assault to the process.  I respect that Cody was willing to do what he did, but I wish that he didn't.

I saw what you wrote on Twitter about Cody.  They did that angle to get over what a jerk MJF is.  They had to do it that way.  Don't you see that?

Actually, they didn't.  It's A way that they could have done it, but not the only way.  A well done angle could have gotten the job done just as well.  It just comes down to the booking.  They could have easily stacked the odds against him in a number of ways and had him fight through the odds to barely eke out a win, and get the match with MJF.  When Tommaso Ciampa turned on Johnny Gargano, he didn't have to legitimately beat him up to get the smart fans in the crowd to boo him.  AEW didn't have to do it either in my opinion. So the beating was A way to do it, but not the only way.

Also, you were a big ECW fan.  You liked this kind of stuff then.  Why don't you like it now?

The answer is I didn't like it then.  If you go on the Elite site and read the old Lariat Newsletters from the time, I was saying that ECW needed to stop chairshots to the head long before anyone else did. Much like with Cody, I didn't like the legitimate damage that the talents did to their bodies, but I did respect their choice to do it, and their ability to take the pain involved.  I never liked it.  I never went to cage of death matches or anything like that.  It's not my thing.

Is the reason Drew McIntyre is getting pushed because his Scottish accent and burly raspy voice makes him sound like a pirate and Wrestlemania 36 is going to be pirate themed?

No, but it is the reason they will debut a new character named Captain Morgan and he will win the Andre Battle Royal.

Does WWE have back up plans for the Rumble if the winner gets eliminated my accident, or gets hurt during rumble?

Yes, they plan on not letting either happen!  If it did, they would adjust on the fly based on what point the match was at.

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