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By Mike Johnson on 2020-02-05 12:29:00 can exclusively confirm that Major League Wrestling has had talks with Amazon in recent weeks discussing the potential of bringing MLW programming to their Amazon Prime streaming service.  Amazon has made it a priority to acquire live programming rights and are even said to be in the mix for NFL rights.  Obviously, Amazon would be well aware of how pro wrestling is successful due to their own data with direct to consumer sales, their own streaming VOD service and Amazon's cloud services, which handle the infrastructure for a lot of streaming services.

One of the things that is making MLW (and any pro wrestling content, frankly) more appealing is that there is a potential writers strike looming, which would prevent any Writer's Guild members from working until it is resolved.  While studios are already stockpiling material, a pro wrestling series such as MLW's, which would be considered non-union and thus would not feature any members of the Guild involved, would be very helpful and attractive in terms of filling a schedule with fresh content should a strike actually go down.

We are told MLW is still meeting with other potential outlets.  One person familiar with the conversations noted that it's a "fluid situation", noting there is "momentum in a few directions with major players."

MLW's Court Bauer did not return a request for comment yesterday. has given Bauer 24 hours to respond and should he choose to do so, we will update.

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