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By Mike Johnson on 2020-02-04 10:57:00

Timothy Thatcher is currently at the WWE Performance Center and has signed a WWE developmental deal, has confirmed.  Thatcher started with the company this week.

Thatcher, 36, has long been a talent that WWE has been interested in but had previously turned down overtures from the company.  William Regal and Canyon Cemen had both had Thatcher on their radar in recent years.

Best known for his work in EVOLVE, Thatcher has been a world traveled veteran who has competed for WXW in Germany, Revolution Pro in Great Britain, PWG and MLW in the United States and many other promotions.  As an in-ring worker, he's in the top tier out there currently, so this is a tremendous signing for the company.

Thatcher first being at the WWE PC was initially reported by Squared Circle Sirens.


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