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By Mike Johnson on 2020-02-04 09:22:00

Bill Goldberg's appearance on Friday Night Smackdown this week is to set the stage for Goldberg's involvement in the 2/27 Super Showdown event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has confirmed.  As noted several weeks ago in the Elite section of, there had been a push for Sting to be used at the 2/27 event, but as of last night, we are told those talks have died down.   Hulk Hogan is slated to appear at that event on 2/27 as well.

To answer an email we have received, this Thursday's WWE Conference Call will not feature George Barrios and Michelle Wilson.  It is expected to feature Vince McMahon, Michael Weiss and acting WWE CFO Frank A. Riddick III.  Barrios and Wilson would not be placed into a position of representing the company publicly going forward.

A number of WWE staff and Raw roster members have had delays this morning getting out of Salt Lake City due to the blizzard that hit yesterday.

Drew McIntyre is slated for tonight's edition of WWE Backstage on FS1.

WWE has sent a specialized WWE Championship belt to the 2020 Superbowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs:

Taped for this week's WWE Main Event last night was The O.C. vs. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins and Cedric Alexander vs. Shelton Benjamin.

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