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By Dave Scherer on 2020-02-05 09:59:00

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I saw your post that AEW had an ad in the program at the Super Bowl, which was cool. But do you personally think it would have been worth the money to pay the big bucks for a 30 second commercial since 20 million or more people had eyes on on the game and commercials?

No, I think it would have been a waste of money due to the cost of the ad.  WWE got representation for Smackdown because it’s part of the FOX family and the network pushed them.  That’s fine.  But remember, WWE did a Super Bowl ad once, when business was booming.  They learned the reward wasn’t worth the cost.

I've long thought that WWE cuts away from the wrestlers too much during big entrances and post-match celebrations.  I would much rather see the emotion and excitement on the wrestler's face than shots of random surprised fans.  Does the fact that they posted an updated version of Edge's Royal Rumble entrance mean that they are finally admitting that they cut away to crowd shots too much, and do you see them changing their cut away routine because of it?

It means that in that one instance, they think they missed the shot (and they were right).  I don’t expect it to lead to wholesale change.  They think fan reactions are big part of the presentation.

I saw a recent question on the site regarding Cody and his "coach" Arn Anderson".  Asking basically does it make Cody look weak?  My question is does it make sense?  A coach for a guy who by his own stipulation can never wrestle for the heavyweight title?  Speaking of that stipulation.  Would you agree it was a mistake?  Kinda booking themselves into a corner?

It was way to soon to put that stipulation on Cody in my opinion.  They could have found other ways to keep him out of the Title picture without doing that.  But, they will find a way around it at some point.  As for getting a coach, you can make a case for him getting one since he is still wrestling and wants to win.

If Hulk Hogan wants to have a final match at Wrestlemania, based on his physical condition, what would you think about this scenario?  Since the Andre the Giant Battle Royal really isn’t used to make a young guy or give someone a big push if they win it, how about having Hogan enter it and win it?  He could throw some punches, some kicks, Hulk up, and then win the match as a final send-off.  Since he has a bad back, it could be like the Iron Sheik in the Gimmick Battle Royal at Mania 17 where he wouldn’t have to take a bump over the top rope.  We could then get the posing routine with “Real American” one more time, making the crowd happy.  What do you think?

If we have to have one last Hogan match, that is as good of scenario as any I can think of!

With all the amazing finishers today, and wrestlers kicking out at a two count, why is in impossible to kick out of a small package or roll up? This is the most overused move in wrestling and is used for a win on every single show… every single week. Doesn’t it take away from a wrestler’s finish when they can’t beat you with their own move but they can win by fluke roll up?

It depends on how it’s done.  If they use the surprise element, and the wrestler locks it in properly, it is a move that will pin someone.  In the case of a heel, if they use tights or the ropes, it works too as it continues feuds.  I think it comes down to whether you view wrestling as a “sport” (where you would want everything to follow a sport like path) or if you see it as entertainment, where finishes are often used to tell stories.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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