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By Dave Scherer on 2020-02-04 10:00:00

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Recently I went back in time and watched the Rockers Barbershop Window segment, along with a Marty Jannetty interview talking about how him & Shawn came up with the idea, and how Marty’s original plan was even more violent than what aired on TV.  Did Vince already have his mind made up way before the split that Shawn was going to be the singles star of the team?  Also, in an alternate reality - if Marty had done the turn and thrown Shawn through the window, do you see any scenario where Marty could’ve had the Mr. Wrestlemania career?

It’s funny, at the time most people saw Marty as the guy that would break out.  At the time, he should have been the babyface that came back against the partner that heinously turned on him but Marty was Marty, so that never happened.  Honestly?  Marty was his own worst enemy.  It just wasn’t in the cards for him to have the career that HBK did.

I don't remember their first names, but they used to work for AWA or NWA (I think) in the 80's.  But whatever happened to the Batten Twins? I thought they were really talented,  How come they never worked for WWE?

The Batten Twins were a good team.  They weren’t overly flashy though and back then, WWE was all about flash and sizzle.  And if you were a good wrestler, even better!

Royal Rumble 2020: Highs and Lows, Overall great Show. My question is about the Mens Royal Rumble itself: AJ injured himself and they had to call an audible and have him eliminated. With the ongoing Orton/Styles feud and involvement of Mcintyre; was the finish supposed to be different? Was Drew even supposed to win?

AJ’s injury has nothing to do with the finish.  Drew was the pick.

Question about the set up for Edge's return at the Rumble.  In Mike's report he states that Edge was "hidden away" until it was time for his entrance.  Was he hidden from just the fans or the other wrestlers as well?  I've seen where the return was kept a secret from the wrestlers, but if they didn't know about Edge's return, how did they choreograph his spears when he hit the ring?  Did only those wrestlers know about it and others didn't?

I would think at least some wrestlers knew about it but those that didn’t?  It’s easy, all he has to do is go in and call spear.  They all know how to take it!

Maybe I missed something, but has Edge ever stated publicly what he’s been doing for the last 8 years to get his spine and neck in good enough shape for WWE to clear him to take bumps again? As happy as I was to see him in the Rumble I cringed with every big bump he took. 

Mike and I talked about that on the show last week.  We never heard of anything Edge said that would make someone think he could come back.  On Raw, he said he has surgery years ago and that allowed him to come back.  In hindsight it made for a better moment because a lot of the fans live didn’t know it was coming.

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