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By Dave Scherer on 2020-02-03 10:00:00

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What point is WWE trying to make by having Erick Rowan defeat a thin and undersized jobber every week?  And considering how quickly Rowan was eliminated in The Royal Rumble by a man of similar size and strength, are we to assume he can only compete against smaller talents?  Also, what’s up with Rowan and his (presumably wild and ferocious animal) pet?  Other than conveying the message that Erick Rowan “ain’t all there upstairs,” what image or advantage is a caged and covered pet supposed to give?

They are trying to make him seem big, scary and crazy.  Whether it works, we shall see.  At least they are trying something.

So my guess is they are going with Edge vs. Orton at WM 36.  I guess they have forgotten all about the big set up between Orton and Styles for that event?  But I can see them changing plans as Edge coming back would mean bigger money.  Your thoughts?

I would think it will lead to Edge and Orton in Saudi Arabia.  The Saudis love the names from the past and that is the next big show on the docket.  After that, we will see what they do.  With all due respect to AJ, if they can continue Edge/Orton through Mania, that makes the most sense to me.

Is it just me or was the booking of this Rumble towards McIntyre one of the smartest we have seen in a while ? I mean, make Brock beat everyone until Drew... who eventually eliminates Corbin AND Reigns who just got rid of Edge, meaning that McIntyre eliminated three of the most booed wrestlers of the roster, each one of them having an extra reason to be mad at during the match! How good was that!

Other than Reigns being the most booed, I agree with you.  The people that are booing him now are just doing it to do it.  Then they cheer for him during his matches.  But yes, they booked Drew really well.

Wouldn't you say the exact opposite about the booking when THE VERY NEXT DAY Drew, in an overused angle got to beat The OC on his own, hurting the whole tag team division in the process ?

I would disagree.  The OC aren’t the champs.  They won a trophy.  I am not a huge fan of one guy beating two, but they did it in a way that didn’t hurt the OC in my opinion.

Any news Beth’s injury and how she is doing?

She had a head laceration, I was told when she hit her head into the post, but I was told it wasn’t serious.  She was a real trooper gutting it out.

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