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By Mike Johnson on 2020-02-01 10:00:00

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It's been a year since John Cena wrestled, so when do you think he will again?

Honestly, after seeing the trailer for F9, I don't think he'll wrestle anytime soon and certainly never full-time again.  He's ascended into the next stage of his career.  He deserves it.  

One thing I don't understand from your story about Vince McMahon getting rid of Barrios and Wilson is how he could do this without repercussions from WWE management?

McMahon didn't.  For him to make that big of a move, he needed the approval of the company's Board of Directors.  All they needed to do was vote in his favor.  That's obviously what happened here.

Whatever happened to the tiered version of the WWE Network?  I remember you reporting it was expected in January.

It was.  They launched the first version, which was the free tier.  The "paid" tier is still in development.  They had planned for around Royal Rumble but they never launched.  It's still on the way as far as I know.

Any word on Hulk Hogan's role at the next Saudi Arabia show?

No.  We know he's booked and set to appear.  That's it so far.

Has Mick Foley ever actually been to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico?

I think that's a question for Cactus Jack, not Mick Foley.

You can send questions to PWInsider Q&A by clicking here.

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