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By Mike Johnson on 2020-01-30 10:02:00

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I was wondering if the royalty rate changes for a WWE performer when they pass away?  Like, if someone passes, does the royalty for their old TV appearances change or remain the same if its passed on to their estate?

There are no royalties for TV appearances or for being on old WWE footage, so the answer is no.  If a performer is due royalties from merchandise or bonuses from live events, etc., that money would go to their estate.  If future material is created (such as shirts in the wake of Eddy Guerrero’s passing), that royalty would go to the family.

We’ve seen John Morrison and Edge tweak your reporting about their returns in recent months, not in straight up denials but in their responses on social media and other interviews.  Do you ever get offended at that, especially since it kicks up anti-media sentiment from their fans?

No, honestly, I don’t.  I have to trust in the reporting.  At the end of the day, my job is to write about the stories and the news behind the magic and I can’t be offended if the magicians want to try and obscure how the magic works.  The truth comes out in the end and while every story you break is like jumping off a cliff and hoping you land properly; I can’t be upset at anyone for how they react to my reporting.   

Is it me or is AEW very ECW-like?

I think if you took the violence out of ECW and replaced it with lots of big Highspots instead, it would be comparable to ECW.  I also think the idea that there are all these “misfit toys” who might have never gotten a look from WWE getting an opportunity is very comparable, especially to the earliest days of ECW.

I was watching the old ECW Tag Team Tournament and whatever happened to Everybody’s Favorite Homeboy, Chilly Willy?  Where was he actually from?  He was announced from all these different places?

After ECW, he entered the military post-9/11 and received a purple heart while fighting in Iraq.  When he returned to the United States, he had a WWE developmental deal for a time.  He now lives in The Philippines where he still wrestles and trains talents locally.  He was actually from North Carolina.

I saw WWE is going to sell a Fastpass for WWE AXXESS?  What does that mean?

The term is derived from what Disney calls their VIP reserved access for rides.  Basically, for the $350 (per AXXESS Session) fee, you would get VIP access to the front of the line for all autographs and photos, giving you the chance to theoretically get everyone signing at that session.  If you are an autograph or photo hound, it sounds pretty good to me.

You can send questions to PWInsider Q&A by clicking here.

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