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By Mike Johnson on 2020-01-27 23:27:00

WWE United States Champion Andrade has been suspended for a failure of the WWE Wellness Policy and will be officially suspended for 30 days as of tomorrow 1/28. initially broke the Andrade news. has independently confirmed their story to be correct. can also exclusively confirm that Andrade will be returning to Mexico tomorrow. 

We are told that WWE learned of the suspension today and there were rewrites to Raw's script stemming from the situation.  We are told the original plan for Raw was for a new storyline for Humberto Carrillo to kick off, but instead he was used to help write Andrade off following a Royal Rumble rematch between the two, which ended with Zelina Vega getting Andrade disqualified.  WWE wrote Andrade off Raw tonight after that match with an angle where Carrillo drilled Andrade with a Hammerlock DDT on the exposed floor at ringside. 

Tonight will be Andrade's last appearance until at least the week of 2/18, when his suspension will be lifted.   The first Raw taping he would be available for would be Monday 3/2 in Brooklyn, NY..

While Andrade is suspended, Zelina Vega will also likely be off TV, although the final decision on that has not been made.

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