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By Mike Johnson on 2020-01-26 13:42:00

There's been no talk of Ronda Rousey being there this weekend.  If she is coming in, it's being well hidden by management.  However, it's interesting to note WWE's website added a new Rousey t-shirt this weekend for sale.

You can expect a LOT of WWE NXT talents to be involved in the Rumble.   Shayna Baszler is slated to compete in the Rumble match.  We are also told that Mercedes Martinez will be working the Rumble, which will be the major PPV debut for the long-time independent star, a major personal milestone.

Ruby Riott has been spotted in Houston, but there is no word if she will be returning tonight.  

No sign of Nia Jax yet as of this writing.

Molly Holly has been brought in and will be competing in the Rumble.

WWE Hall od Famer Beth Phoenix will be competing in the Rumble.

Sasha Banks is scheduled to work the Rumble.

As of last night, there were no plans for Becky Lynch or Asuka in the Rumble match.

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