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By Dave Scherer on 2020-01-27 10:00:00

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Do Britt Baker and Renee Young need permission from their respective companies to go to NXT events or go on the Jericho cruise since they are in relationships with wrestlers in other companies?

It’s definitely the professional thing to do for them to speak to their companies and make sure there are no issues with them going to the other company’s events.  I can’t say for sure but I think both women would do that and they are smart and understand decorum.

Too many squashes in WWE of late?

Not to me.  I don’t need every match to be “competitive”.  In fact, sometimes it’s good for talents to just destroy people.  Plus, for every squash there is a non-enhancement person that doesn’t have to take a loss.  I like that.

With his wife already signed, is there even a chance that Rusev does not sign with WWE?  Do you know when his contract is up?

I don’t know when his deal is up but he seems to be having fun in WWE right now and whether we like it or not, the Lana/Rusev/Lashley angle is getting them buzz and exposure.  I would think he and his wife will stay in the same place professionally.

Now that Undertaker's career is clearly winding down and he is doing more out of character interviews and appearances than ever, what is the hold up for WWE to induct him into the Hall of Fame?  I get that this year the headliners are set, but is there any reason that makes sense why they would delay his induction any longer after next year?

It comes down to him being ready to do it.  As soon as he gives the green light, he is the headliner. 

Is it pretty much a guarantee that we will see the tired "forget a wrestler wasn't eliminated then have them come back late in the match to surprise eliminate someone" concept in at least one of the Royal Rumble matches this year?  It has become the most predictable and over-done spot in battle royal/Royal Rumble matches.

I am typing this on Saturday, before the show, but if I had to bet I would go with you being right on the money.

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