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By Jonnie Gash on 2020-01-24 10:04:00

Brian Cage released a video statement and said he needs surgery on the torn bicep.

He also said there have been rumors as to where he will end up in pro wrestling. He claims he’s not sure where he goes next because of dealing with the injury first.

He also confirmed he’s done with Impact. 

Cage announced that there will be a new Warrior Wrestling Champion on 2/15/20 in Chicago Heights for Warrior Wrestling 8 because he can’t defend the title due to injury. He was supposed to defend it in what they were calling a War of Attrition Match vs. Black Taurus, Lance Archer, Michael Elgin, Andrew Everett, Sam Adonis, Alex Zane, and Aramis. That’s a 3 fall match that starts off 4 on 4, then 2 on 2, and finally 1 on 1.

Tessa Blanchard will defend the Women’s Championship in a War of Attrition Match too against Taya Valkyrie, Britt Baker, Kylie Rae, Ray Lyn, Big Swole, Madison Rayne, and Tasha Steelz. 

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