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By Mike Johnson on 2020-01-24 10:00:00

Do you think WWE has completely dropped the idea of using Harlem Heat vs. The Revival?

Well, as of this writing, they haven't done anything to pull the trigger for a Royal Rumble match.  They could always do something tonight on Smackdown or they could run an angle at the Rumble itself to set up a match for 2/27 in Saudi Arabia, since a lot of nostalgia-based attractions happen on those shows.  We will see.

Why in the world would WWE remove the women's distinction from the NXT Women's title?  That is the dumbest idea ever.  How will anyone know it's for the Women's division?

They'll see women wrestling for the title?  I don't understand why you would be so adverse towards the idea.  It's to be progressive and take away the notion that its "just" a women's bout.  I am fine with it.  It doesn't hurt anyone and if it makes one female fan feel empowered, I am all for it.  I think it's a good idea.

Why exactly was the Rocky Johnson book pulled off the market?  Was it due to the issues with Scott Teal?

ECW Press noted in a local article in Canada that the book was pulled due to concern over some of the text in the book.  Johnson had a falling out with co-author Scott Teal after not going forward with their agreed upon deal and withholding payments due for Teal's work interviewing and writing the actual book, but Johnson's brother Ricky has noted on Facebook he would make sure Teal would get what he was owed.   We are told Teal's issues with Johnson had nothing to do with the ECW Press decision and that it was a separate issue that the company has declined to comment further on.

I  saw your report about NXT removing the word "Women's" from the title. A friend and I have been debating this... any idea who's idea it was to do this? Vince, Stephanie, Paul, someone else? Just curious.

It was the NXT brand, so it would have fallen under the Triple H umbrella, although I would assume Vince and Stephanie McMahon were consulted.

Last year you reported Bruce Prichard was coming back to be a top WWE Creative Executive and pretty much be at the right hand of Vince McMahon.  There were others who scoffed at the report.  What do you say to those who scoffed?

Nothing.  I don't care.  All I can do is the best job possible with my reporting.  That's what I'll continue to try and do.  If someone wants to doubt it, then can all they want.  That's their right, even if they are wrong to do so.


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