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By Mike Johnson on 2020-01-24 08:12:00

There will be a one night Global Wrestling Federation Reunion Show on Sunday 5/3 in Irving, Texas at Southern Junction with Killer Tim Brooks, Chaz Taylor, Alex Porteau, Rod Price, Steve Dane, Johnny Mantel, Gary Young, James Beard, Stevie Ray, Action Jackson and more slated to appear.

The GWF was launched in June 1991 by Joe Pedicino and Max Andrews out of Dallas, Texas running TV tapings for a daily afternoon timeslot on ESPN.  The promotion ran through late 1994, featuring such talent as Eddie Gilbert, The Patriot, The Dark Patriot (Doug Gilbert), Mick Foley, The Handsome Stranger (Macus Bagwell), Harlem Heat, The Youngbloods, the late "Maniac" Mike Davis and more.

Also announced for the event are Chico Cabello, Bull Man Downs, Brent McKenzie, Sweet Daddy Falcon, Kenny the Stinger, LA Steel, Miranda Gordy (the daughter of Terry Gordy), Tygress Lourdes, Mike Stetson, Andrew Anderson and The Dirty Blonds

There will be a 3 PM Meet and Greet Session followed by a Q&A for VIP Ticketholders.  Doors will then open to the general public at 4 PM with live action.

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