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By Dave Scherer on 2020-01-22 10:00:00

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Wrestlemania 36, Lesnar versus McIntyre, too soon or just right?

I would love to see them set it up in the Rumble.  Say, McIntyre throws out Brock in the Rumble, then Brock gets so mad he goes back in and tosses Drew.  They brawl and it sets them up for Mania.  I think the time is just right.  And if it’s me, I have McIntyre beat him and win the Title.

Where do you lay the odds NXT main events WrestleMania?

If I had to guess it looks like Ciampa vs. Cole for the NXT Title.  A Ripley vs. Baszler rematch would work for me too.  I am more confident on the former than the latter at this point.

I thought I’d lighten the mood up with a ridiculous question. We all know that Lesnar won't be winning the Royal Rumble, but hypothetically if he were to win the Rumble wouldn't he have to face himself at WrestleMania due to the brand split? lol. If anything WWE could claim it's a first time ever match and they'd actually be right for once.

Well he can challenge for any Title that he wants so he wouldn’t have to wrestle himself.

Do you think WWE has toooo many wrestlers in their roster? Guys likes EC3 and ladies such as Dana Brooke can get a chance because the top guys won’t either retire or overused. Thoughts.

I disagree.  With five hours of TV on Monday and Friday alone, and another two on Wednesday, there is plenty of space for the talents.  The issue is in the company not choosing to use the talent in my view.  If they made better use of talent, they would even be able to give workers time off.  It’s not the size of the roster to me.

What is your opinion on social media and wrestling? do you think it has helped it or hurt it? Personally I think it has helped it in the long run, but nowadays is hurting it due to all the toxic hate being spewed on it either towards a performer or towards a promotion

It’s definitely a mixed bag.  It can help, and it can hurt.  Some people should never be allowed to hit the send/post button and others do a great job with it.

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