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By Dave Scherer on 2020-01-21 10:00:00

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With the Royal Rumble taking place in Houston, home of the Astros, what are the chances theres some sort of reference to the cheating scandal at the Rumble?

I would be really disappointed if they didn’t.  Ordinarily I usually groan when they make pop culture references but in this case, the Astros were heinous  cheaters and deserve the disdain and ridicule.

Just watched the Barbed Wire City dvd about ECW (you guys were great in it BTW. So THAT'S what you look like!) Anyway, let's assume the money, TV and PPV coverage wasn't the big issue that it ended up being for ECW.  They had the money to pay the talent on time and the checks all cleared, they had a halfway decent TV time slot on TNN or whoever that was a good deal for both parties and the PPV at the least broke even if not made everyone involved a little money.  If that was so, would the ECW that we all know and love still be around in some form or another or would Paul Heyman get bored with it after awhile and go like "OK, I proved whatever it was I set out to prove to myself and the industry" and close up shop after awhile and move on to other projects? 

If ECW took off and became a national company, Paul would still be there.  He loves the business and gave all he could, personally and financially, to make ECW a success.  He would have never walked away from it.  With that said, he did plan to change the style of the product had it continued, but he would have stayed with the company for sure in my opinion.

Given that AEW Dynamite is still quite ‘green’ and inconsistent with it’s writing/creative, would you agree that it’s potentially too early for TNT to sign a big new TV deal with them? Surely this takes away the incentive for AEW to keep working improving their product? I know there’s many wrestling fans that still aren’t convinced by AEW. Shouldn’t they have to work harder for longer to get such a reward?

I think just the opposite.  I think that AEW has shown enough to go to TNT and say, “We need a long term financial commitment to be able to grow”.  And they are right.  With the new deal, they can go to free agents and offer them a place to work that will be here for the next few years because they have a financial commitment from TNT.  Had TNT not stepped up financially, they had to hope that AEW was willing to spend money now in hopes of making it back later.  Or they risked losing AEW down the road if they were able to get a better deal when their current deal expired.  So they did what a good partner does if they want to keep an asset.

First of all, how great it is that AEW has been extended on TNT giving performers a place to earn a living. With that extension came the idea of a second show.  While we don't know the exact details, if this was a regular 2hour show like Dynamite and with WWE controlling a lot of nights, where should they drop this new show? Would they be silly to try and go head to head with Smackdown?

First we need to see how long the show is.  It may just be an hour long.  Maybe it will be AEW Dark.  If it’s me, I avoid Monday and Friday.  They also have to work around NBA games.  If it’s me?  I put it on TBS, on Thursday nights, with what happens on Dynamite leading into the next evening.

What is the significance of MLW signing with ICM Partners? Are they hoping to move to a new network in the near future? Also, what do you think are the chances they can secure a deal with a more well known network?

I think that is one of the main reasons that a company gets that kind of representation.  They are looking to improve their situation and a good TV deal would do that for MLW. 

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