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By Dave Scherer on 2020-01-20 10:00:00

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After the fiasco of the plane being grounded following the Crown Jewel event, WWE are once again planning to run their next Saudi Arabia PPV on a Thursday and fly back to the US for Smackdown the next day. Did they learn nothing from this? Granted, the chances of a repeat of the same situation are 50/50 but even so, there is still a risk of something happening to jeopardize their travel, so are they mad to try again or do you think will they have the foresight to formulate a back plan just in place?

I can’t say for sure but I would think that they learned from that and will make plans accordingly in case something goes wrong.  They will have talent left behind (like Daniel Bryan) as well.  I think they definitely learned from the nightmare of the last trip.

So what's with the overuse of The Canadian Destroyer and who would you say is responsible?  The wrestlers?  The Bookers? All of the above?  It's a move that looks more devastating than 90% of finishers and it's now a regular move.  Back when I first saw Petey Williams do it in TNA, I would have never thought it's so easy to pull off that 50 plus year olds could do it.

I don’t know who is behind it but I couldn’t agree more. That is the kind of move that should kill someone and now it’s a transition spot.  I couldn’t agree with you more.  It really needs to be retired, at least for a while.  

Jake Hager has not wrestled a match in AEW, as far as I know.  With no MMA fight in his immediate future, why have they been holding him out of the ring?  I get that they want him to portray the silent enforcer, but so far the most he's done in AEW has been to stand with his hands behind his back and try not to laugh during Jericho's promos.

That is how they have chosen to use him thus far.  They are only a few months in so let’s give them time to see where it goes.  He’s kind of like Orange Cassidy in that they are giving his character time to germinate.

I enjoy watching AEW Dynamite and have seen every episode so far, but i have not been following any Being the Elite, Road to specials, or any other AEW-related online or streaming content.  By not keeping up with their online content, am I missing out on a significant amount of backstory behind the characters and angles that take place on Dynamite?  Or would you say that by watching only Dynamite, I will be able to keep up with and enjoy all the current AEW storylines without feel like I’m missing something?

I’d actually say both.  One of my issues with Dynamite so far is that it seems like the bookers think that everyone who watches Dynamite watches their other shows too.  I think the approach should be everything is explained on Dynamite and the secondary shows are for the people that want more content.  And if something big were to happen on Dark, it should be mentioned on Dynamite.

How scripted are the WWE-branded podcasts?  I ask this because it seems hypocritical of Corey Graves to bash all the lousy angles on RAW, yet offer only praise for his brand Smackdown, a show that has been centered around dog food for recent weeks.  I find it hard to believe that a guy as smart and involved in the business as Graves is actually believes a lot of the things he has been saying lately.

He is just saying things looking for a reaction.  He says his brand is better because he is on that brand.  Nothing more, nothing less.  He is not a serious journalist.  He is a WWE employee talking company talking points, just like everything on WWE Backstage stays within the same WWE branded confines.  Yes, WWE Backstage is FOX owned show but don’t expect their news segment to talk about things like AEW’s new TV deal with TNT. It’s not going to happen.  The people on the WWE based shows know what they are supposed to talk about.

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