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By Dave Scherer on 2020-01-19 10:00:00

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How far do you think Paul Heyman will push Liv Morgan? I think she has a lot of potential. Possible breakout star for 2020?

Time will tell but she has been brought he back in a cool position and they seem to want to give her a push.  Time will tell.

Do you think AEW and WWE can work together, like a one night only PPV, because I want to see Triple H vs. Cody and AJ Styles vs. Kenny Omega?

I usually don’t speak in absolutes but at this point in time I see no chance of those companies working together.  It does WWE no good at all to give the rub to its upstart competitor. 

With the upcoming anniversary of the site (16 years I believe) I wanted to ask Dave a question about the site.  How did you come up with the name and were there any alternative names you had in mind that you're willing to share?

At the time, I was part of a radio shows call The Pro Wrestling Insider.  It made sense to play off of that when I started the site.  It made the most sense to me.

At Worlds Collide do you think someone from NXT UK will win The Cruiserweight title to give NXT UK a secondary title?

Without spoilers, since the NXT UK competitors won’t be revealed until later in the week, I can say that there is one talent in the match from the brand that I would love to see win.  I don’t know that it would make the Cruiser Title UK only though.  In fact, if it does change hands I think it would mean than the UK champion would come stateside to defend the belt.  It would be a great way to integrate the brands.

What is your take on Triple H’s apology concerning what he said about Paige?

I always respect when someone takes ownership after making a mistake.  Too many people tend to act like they never did anything wrong after they, in fact, do.  Triple H made a bad attempt at a joke.  He owned it.  He apologized to Paige and then tweeted that he was wrong.  I think he did exactly what anyone in that situation should do.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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