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By Mike Johnson on 2020-01-17 10:00:00

I saw Billy Gunn's recent tag match with his son on AEW Dark, and it led me to thinking: how is he still allowed to use the Billy Gunn name outside of WWE? The name originated in that company, and history has shown that a lot of ex-WWE performers have been forced to alter or outright change their ring names when they jump ship to a competitor.

Gunn copyrighted the name himself in 2016 and now owns it.  WWE owned it at one point, but let the trademark lapse.
Speaking of Billy Gunn, I have always loved him as a performer and think he has always been a fantastic wrestler, mic worker, and bumper, even well into his 50s. Why was his singles push in the late '90s killed after King of the Ring? I think he would have done wonders as a solo act.

I think it just didn't click and then the New Age Outlaws deal came along and when he and Road Dogg meshed so well, WWE went with what was working.

 I really loved AEW's tribute to Memphis wrestlers. Are there any other cities or regions you'd like to see them do something similar in, like Minneapolis or Atlanta?

I know this is a cop out answer, but ALL OF THEM.  I am a big fan of pro wrestling history personally (which is why I go to the Charlotte Gathering every year) and I would love to see AEW do a similar tribute one or twice a year.  Charlotte, Atlanta and Minneapolis would all be great cities to do such a thing.

There's been a push online of late that there are too many events scheduled for Wrestlemania weekend.  What say you?

I say they are right, but if you look at it from this perspective, it's OK.  When I attend the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC or someone attends SXSW in Texas, there are always events running the same time as each other.  You pick and choose what you want to attend and try to get tickets for those events.  Wrestlemania weekend is no different, except you have a multitude of promoters running events, as opposed to one umbrella everything is being produced under.

Whatever happened to Shaun and Steve Simpson?

The belief is they are back in Africa.  I've not heard anything about them, but think they would be a great convention guest if anyone ever found them.

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