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By Paul Jordan on 2020-01-23 13:41:00

The latest additions to the Highspots Wrestling Network, which you can order at this link:

PWG: Hand of Doom

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents "Hand of Doom" held January 18, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA

Singles Match

Jungle Boy vs. Brody King

Singles Match

Puma King vs. DJ Z

Tag Team Match

LAX (Ortiz & Santana) vs. Laredo Kid & Rey Horus

Singles Match

Robbie Eagles vs. Jonathan Gresham

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Championship Title Match

The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier - Champions) vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent? - Challengers)

Singles Match

ACH vs. Bandido

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Title Match

Jeff Cobb (Champion) vs. Trevor Lee (Challenger)

Inspire Pro: New Ecstasy Of Gold


FATAL FOUR WAY MATCH: Chandler Hopkins vs. Zac Taylor vs. Alex Zayne vs. ACH

LAWLESS DARKNESS HARDCORE ELIMINATION MATCH: Kody Lane vs. Ethan Price vs. Dimitri Alexandrov vs. Ali Bama vs. Blake Christian vs. A Mystery Opponent


J. Serious vs. Nick Gage

TORNADO TAG TEAM MATCH: Mance Warner & Nate Webb vs. Shag Nasty (Andy Dalton & Moonshine Mantell)

GAUNTLET MATCH: Steve O Reno vs. Team Super Academia (Joe Demaro, Mark Champion & Prince Adam)

Will Allday Issues An OPEN CHALLENGE

Plus, the return of the BATTLE AT THE GATES OF ECSTASY

Guest Booker: Raven

It is June 1996. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash leave the WWE and prepare to head to the competition. But in our world here, they land NOT in WCW... but rather ECW. And what if total creative control of their angles were given to the ECW champion of the moment?

In this very special "Booker-at-Heart" edition of the show, Raven steps in and takes the book in June 1996 and books Hall's and Nash's angles right up to and including the first ECW pay-per-view "Barely Legal," in April 1997.

Raven steps in and proceeds to take over the show. He moves to the booking board for total control, and doesn't come up for air until the end of the show. Raven books all of Hall's and Nash's angles in astounding detail.

YouShoot: Teddy Long

Hold up, playa! Teddy Long is in the hotseat ready to answer anything you had to ask! Teddy is remarkably candid about all issues…from his love of Viagra to his love and also dislike of many of the workers he’s come across. Teddy has spent over three decades in the sport and has dealt with all the major personalities as a ref, manager, and major TV player as GM of RAW. It’s all the fun of the YouShoot brand with a surprisingly open and honest guest ready to make you laugh and learn

Timeline of WCW 1993: Vader

Two organizations, two Heavyweight titles, dipping business and a whole lot of confusion comes to the WCW in 1993. Now you can head back there as well with our tour guide Vader, who was holding the WCW title. Sure, there was to be an NWA champion during this time as well, but Vader’s title was the

WCW title which carried more weight…didn’t it?

In this year we will hear of Eric Bischoff’s ascension, prepping Hogan’s return, Dusty’s booking and Flair’s booking as the Nature Boy returned to WCW TV. In this year Vader changed the game as he became the first 400-pounder to hit a moonsault and set records in Japan while holding the WCW belt.


For another trip back in the WCW with the one and only Vader!

– Politics and WCW

– Flair calling the shots

– The WCW and NWA

– Sid and Arn

– Bill Watts

Timeline of WWE: 1997 Jim Cornette

Universally regarded as one of the greatest shoot interviews ever, Cornette leads us on another journey into 1997. RAW is going live every week. The Shawn and Bret situation is reaching its boiling point. Bad news from Pillman’s hotel. 1997 is the year that will set up the big boom period to follow, as Austin, The Rock, and Undertaker were getting set to ignite the business.

And our guest for this tour is none other than the most outspoken shoot DVD guest ever, Jim Cornette. Jim was working WWE creative in ’97 so you have unprecedented access to every meeting, locker room fight, and TV taping there was. And Cornette brings his WWE agent journal along just to make sure he gets every detail right!!!

Shawn and Bret…the Sable mess…the birth of Austin…Russo’s role is solidified…Kevin Dunn cries…Vader’s nose…inside the writing meeting…Montreal in November…Effects of the curtain call…One night in ECW…Chyna…Pillman dies…more…MORE…MORE!!!

IGNITE Wrestling Presents Chaos

IGNITE Wrestling returns for our 4th anniversary with an afternoon of chaos as we bring the awesome aerial action of pro wrestling back to Walking Tree Brewery on January 11, 2020.

Timeline of WWE: 2008 Brian Myers

Our series travels to a year where the world's largest federation is split among three brands. In this era of roster shuffles and drafts, find out what it meant to be a member of one of those brands. And just how those brands worked together to create winning television.

Join Brian Myers, as he outlines the journey of his character, Curt Hawkins, and life inside the WWE in the new millenium.

Wrestlemania...winning in Long Island...Kevin Dunn...the Draft...Undertaker...hirings and games...action figures...and more...


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