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By Anthony Pires on 2020-01-14 21:38:00

We go right to Excalibur and Dave Brown on commentary running down the card tonight.

Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez are your hosts in studio talking about Memphis wrestling legends.

Justin Roberts introduces the legends.

·        Handsome Jimmy Valiant

·        Kevin Lawler on behalf of Brian Christopher

·        Dave Brown

·        Shane Russell on behalf of Lance Russell

·        Austin Idol

·        Doug Gilbert on behalf of the Gilbert family

·        The Rock N' Roll Express

·        Lanny Poffo on behalf of the Poffo family

WE get a 10 bell salute for the deceased Memphis legends.

Brandon Cutler vs. Darby Allin

Lockup, we get a monkey flip off of the break in the corner by Allin.  Arm twist into a Magistral by Allin for 2.  Headlock by Allin, Cutler throws him off and Allin takes him down with shouldertackle.  Headbutt to the stomach by Allin.  Dropkick by Allin, Cutler goes to the corner.  Allin charges but meets the boots of Cutler.  Cutler with a moonsault but he only connects with his feet and gets a two count.  Whip to the turnbuckle by Cutler.  Arm twist by Cutler he whips Allin into the corner.  Allin meets him with a boot and Allin grabs a headlock.  Cutler spins him off and slams Allin for a 2 count.  Allin slaps on a Fujiwara armbar.  Allin with chops in the corner.  Backdrop over the top by Allin, Cutler meets him with a kick.  Spring board dropkick by Cutler.

Dave Brown sounds so smooth on commentary.

Touture rack by Cutler, Allin flips out of it and hits slaps, a headbutt and a Destroyer for 2 by Allin.  Allin goes to the top but Cutler knocks him off.  Legdrop by Cutler while Allin is draped in the ropes.  Allin meets him with a dropkick and a tope suicida tackle to the outside.  Allin goes for a coffin drop but Cutler is still standing and catches him.  Allin with a stunner  and a coffin drop for the pin.

WINNER: Darby Allin

Tony and Dasha recap the events of Dynamite with Jon Moxley swerving The Inner Circle.

Nyla Rose vs Shanna

Shanna runs out during Nyla’s entrance and attacks.  Shanna runs her into the barricade, Nyla returns the favor.  Nyla with a stomp and a powerbomb attempt but Shanna escapes and hits a superkick.  Shanna charges and Nyla hits a spinebuster.  Nyla gets a table.  She gets Shanna on the apron to set up a powerbomb but Shanna hits a rana into the ring.  Shanna with a dive and both Nyla and Shanna go through the table.  AEW officials come out with Atlas Security to check on them both.  Nyla needs assistance but Shanna still wants to go.


We go to Shanna backstage.  She gets barely a sentence out and is attacked by Nyla.  Nyla hits her with a sign.  Nyla talks to the camera but Shanna attacks her and officials separate them again.

Tony and Dasha give us a rundown of upcoming AEW events.

Peter Avalon and Shawn Spears vs. Austin and Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn cuts a DX style promo.  Peter Avalon cuts an anti-Elvis, anti Memphis promo after shushing his way to the ring.  Billy and Spears start off and spears with a crotch chop.  Lockup, headlock and 2 shoulderblocks by Gunn.  Spears gets up slowly and seems a bit mesmerized by Billy Gunn’s crotch area.  Billy tells him to suck it.  Austin tags in and there is a lot of stalling.  Spears with a kick to the midsection.  Spears with chops, Avalon tags in.  Avalon with punches in the corner, he shushes the crowd.  Austin with a leapfrog and a hiptoss.  Arm twist by Austin, Billy tags in and kicks Avalon.  Avalon with a kick and a cross body attempt.  Billy catches him but Leva Bates pulls Avalon to safety.

Have I mentioned how good Dave Brown sounds tonight?

Avalon with a cross body off the top for 1. Spears tags in and hits a chops and shows off.  He gives Billy 9 punches in the corner and won’t give the crowd the satisfaction of seeing a 10th.   Billy slides underneath and hits a few chops.  Spears calls a timeout.  Austin tags in and hits chops.  Arm twist by Austin, but he misses a dropkick.  Ausitn gets tossed into the ringpost.  Clotheslines by Spears, Avalon tags in and applies a hammerlock.  Speears tags back in and Austin tries to punch out of an armbar.  Vicious crossfaces by Spears.  Austin hits a desperation lariat and he gets the tag, as does Avalon.  Billy Gunn cleans house.  Spears hits a dropkick as Billy is about to hit a powerbomb on Avalon, Austin tags himself back in.  Spears clotheslines Billy over the top and Austin does the same to Spears.  Avalon with arollup for 2.  Austin hits a Famouser out of nowhere for 2.  Austin to the top, Spears pulls him off.  Avalon tries a superplex, but Billy pulls him off and hits a slam.  Austin with a senton off the top and gets the pin.

WINNERS: Billy and Austin Gunn

Tony and Dasha hype Bash at the Beach

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