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By Kendall Jenkins on 2020-01-14 08:32:00



Vaping has been gaining more and more traction over the past couple of years, and has become extremely popular as an alternative to smoking  cigars or cigarettes. It really has gone leaps and bounds in helping people turn away from their cigarette addictions.

You’ll even find that many people can use things like CBD oil, which is actually good for your health, through vaping as well. You can find a variety of specific CBD oils that can be smoked at, and it’s always advisable to do so through reliable avenues. It’s safe to say that through vaping, a lot of good has come.However, the truth behind whether it really is a healthier alternative is still in question though. 

This is why we’re trying to answer the question of how much vaping is too much? We’ve gathered a list of health risks that you need to know about when it comes to vaping.

You’re still at risk for heart & lung disease

We have lived under the misconception that we’re avoiding what cigarettes do to our bodies by switching over to vape. And even though it is much less harmful, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t do any damage at all. It’s been discovered that with especially those that vape extensively, the risk of heart and lung disease is just as prevalent, and there have been reported deaths caused by vaping. 

Harmful to teeth and gums

The chemicals used in the vaping liquid have been discovered to cause damage to both the gums and teeth. It’s been discovered through research that vape can cause cavities in the teeth, and also irritates the gums and throat alike. 

Particularly harmful for young people   

Recently, studies have found that excessive vaping can cause damage to the brains of people under the age of 25 years old. It has also been found to have effects on certain cells, which ultimately is not good for the body and your health in general. 

Still harmful, with or without nicotine

There are variations of vaping liquid that can come with a certain amount of nicotine, and some that don’t have any at all. The fact of the matter is, however, that when it comes to vaping, whether it has or doesn’t have nicotine doesn’t deter from the fact that it can still be harmful to your health if you are a person who does it excessively. There are quite a few chemicals in the liquid, and some have still not been identified, so ultimately, we’re still not 100% sure of the damage caused.


We always have to live with the premise that anything that is done in excess will always amount to some degree of harm, and the same goes for vaping. Just because it is not as harmful as cigarettes, it doesn’t mean that it won’t do damage to your health. The fact that there are so many chemicals is a red flag and should have you considering how often you vape. Perhaps now it’s time to consider dropping the smoking habit once and for all!

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