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By Anthony Pires on 2020-01-14 19:27:00

We begin with highlights of Nick Aldis going to a 6:05 Draw with Ricky Starks.  We then see Aldis challenge Ricky Morton to the Captain’s six man tag team match

BREAKING NEWS: Nick Aldis invades Ring of Honor.

Dokken welcomes us to the show as only they can.

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett welcome us to the show.  Dave Marquez is with the NWA World Tag Team Champions The Rock and Roll Express.  Morton tells us that sometimes you strike a match and the fire can’t be put out.  He put over the fans.  Morton explains the rules of the six man tag.  If Morton’s team wins, he get a shot at Nick Aldis.

Time to reveal the brackets for the NWA TV title tournament

Block A:

Tim Storm vs the winner of Dave Dawson vs Zane Dawson

Ricky Starks vs The Open Slot

Block B:

Zicky Dice vs The Open Slot

The Question Mark vs Winner of Thomas Lattimer vs Trevor Murdoch

Marquez is back with Ricky Starks and Zicky Dice.  Dice runs down Starks and Starks calls him a broken down Guy Fierri.  Starks makes jokes about Dice’s mother and tells Dice he’s a nobody.

Dave Dawson vs. Zane Dawson (TV Title Qualifier, 6:05 Time Limit)

Lockup, neither gets the edge.  Test of strength, Zane with a kick and a headlock.  We get a shoulderblock stalemate.  Dave with an avalanche, he runs to the corner to try another but Zane follows him and hits one of his own.  Flying shouldertackle by Zane for 2.  Boot to the face by Zane but Dave counters with a low, one foot dropkick for 2.  Zane goes for an avalanche but Dave moves out and charges the corner.  Elbows by Zane.  Zane with chops in the corner.  Dave targets the injured hand.  As the ref pulls Dave out of the corner, Zane punches him with the fist wrapped in a cast and scores the pin.

WINNER: Zane Dawson

We get comments from Colt Cabana and Ken Anderson.  After last week, when Anderson caused their disqualification, there seems to be some serious tension.  Anderson says his head is in the game and there’s no bitterness.

Ashley Vox vs Melina

Melina can still do the split ring entrance.  Melina with a kick and facedropper to start off.  Melina misses a charge and Vox with a headscissors takedown.  Vox misses a cannonball.  Melina with a stomp and a hairpull, snapping her head on the rope.  Vox fights back with a series of punches and a big headbutt.  Melina counters with a roundhouse kick followed by a reverse back kick.  Melina with an uppercut.  They trade forearms, both showing some real fire.  Melina with a split legdrop for the pin.

WINNER: Melina

Joe Galli interviews Melina.  Melina declares herself the top contender to the NWA Women’s Title and invites Allysin Kay to come meet her in the ring next week.  Kay comes out and says they can do it right now.  Melina says it’ll be next week.

We get footage of Nick Aldis invading Ring of Honor and attacking Flip Gordon on Saturday.  We then see Strictly Business invade ROH in Concord, NC telling Marty Scurll he’s going to expose him for the fraud he is.  This led to Villain Enterprises coming out and ROH security ejecting the NWA contingency.  Nick Gordon takes umbrage with Gordon trying to attack him in North Carolina and challenges him.  When we get back we get the graphic so it seems to be official: Nick Aldis vs. Flip Gordon at Hard Times.  No mention was made if this was a title match.

Marquez with The Pope and Outlaw Inc.  Pope says he’s here to give himself and Outlaw Inc an opportunity.  Pope makes jokes about Aron Stevens and The Question Mark.  Marquez inquires about Homicide’s shoulder.  He says he’s good to go.  Pope declares James Storm and Eli Drake don’t deserve a tag team title shot.

Outlaw Inc (Eddie Kingston and Homicide w/The Pope) vs. Aron Stevens and The Question Mark

Stevens and Kingston start off.  Stevens attempts a round house kick but Kingston catches it and shoves Stevens away.  Takedown by Kingston, Stevens bails out.  Stevens comes back in the ring and misses a kara-tay chop.  Kingston with a right hand and tags in Homicide.  Double suplex by Outlaw inc for 2.  Elbow by Homicide.  Stevens gets thrown into the corner and Homicide connects with a running forearm.  Homicide tries again but Stevens gets out of the way.  A forearm by Stevens but Homicide counters with a chop.  Stevens grabs a hammerlock and starts stomping the injured left arm.  Stevens clamps on another hammerlock.  Bodyslam by Stevens, he then drops an elbow.  Homicide with a backdrop throw, Kingston runs into save his partner but The Question Mark downs him with a Mongrovian Spike.  Question Mark nails Homicide with a Mongrovian Spike and Stevens scores the pin.

WINNERS: Aron Stevens and The Question Mark

Pope walks away with a disgusted look on his face.

After a video package, Dave Marquez welcomes Strictly Business.  Steiner is carrying a championship belt.  Aldis talks about all the people who warned him about Scott Steiner being jealous.  Steiner tells Aldis he knew he’d be world champion.  Steiner says he wakes up every day wanting to beat people up.  Steiner gets bleeped.  He hates fat people.  The belt is an old NWA Tag Team title belt.  He says the Rock and Roll Express have no right to call themselves world champions and they’re in big trouble.

Strictly Business (Thomas Lattimer, Royce Isaacs and Scott Steiner) vs. Robert Gibson, Eli Drake & Tim Storm- If Gibson, Storm and Drake win, Ricky Morton gets an NWA Title shot against Nick Aldis.

Lattimer and Drake slug it out to start, Lattimer gets the edge with uppercuts.  He misses a charge and Drake hits a neckbreaker, Gibson tags in.  Double elbow by Drake and Gibson.  Right hand punches by Gibson and hers comes Storm.  Two pump kicks for a 2 count.  Isaacs tags in and Storm nails a fallaway slam.  Storm with a snap mare and running kick for 2.  Gibson tags back in and hits an arm twist, tags in Drake who nails a forearm off the second rope.  Powerslam by Drake.  Elbowdrop by Drake for 2.  Drake gors the 2nd rope but Lattimer provides enough of a distraction for Issacs to yank him off the rope.  Clothesline by Issacs and tags Steiner in.  Steiner with a series of chops and a belly to belly for 2.  Lattimer tags in and nails an elbow.  Lattimer gets a cravat.  Back to a wristlock by Lattimer and Isaacs tags in.  Read chinlock by Isaacs, tags in Steiner.  Steiner with punches, chops and then hits an overhead belly to belly for 2.  Isaacs tags back in and hits a big clothesline.  Lattimer with a cheap shot, tags in and gets a 2 count.  Lattimer goes back to a chinlock.  Lattimer throws him off and tries a backdrop, Drake instead hits a DDT.  Gibson tags in and hits a back elbow.  Sunset flip by Gibson for 2.  Sleeper by Gibson, Lattimer comes in to break it up.  All 6 now brawling.  With the ref distracted, Drake nails a jawbreaker and Gibson rolls Isaacs up for the pin.

WINNERS: Tim Storm, Robert Gibson and Eli Drake

Nick Aldis vs Ricky Morton for the NWA World Title next week

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