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By Mike Johnson on 2020-01-13 09:30:00

WWE issued the following:

WWE and DraftKings have announced WWE Royal Rumble Challenge, a new fantasy game allowing fans to select their own Royal Rumble team from the complete rosters of Raw, SmackDown, NXT and 205 Live for a chance to win $5,000. 

Please see below for more information on WWE Royal Rumble Challenge as well as links to the online game. 

WWE Royal Rumble Challenge

Game Summary

  • Players log in to their DraftKings account and pick 12 Superstars (6 men & 6 women) for their Royal Rumble “team”
  • Players pick from the complete rosters of Raw, SmackDown, NXT and 205 Live
  • Points will be awarded to players based on actions their selected Superstars take during the Royal Rumble:
    • Superstar enters the Royal Rumble (50 points)
    • Royal Rumble Winner (600 points)
    • Most Eliminations (500 points)
    • Longest time in the match (400 points)
    • Entrant #1 (250 points)
    • Entrant #30 (250 points)
    • Shortest time in the match (200 points)
  • Player with the highest score wins $5,000 cash.  In the event of a tie, all players with the highest score split the $5,000 prize pool

For More Information:

Game Link:

About Page:

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