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By Mike Johnson on 2020-01-23 09:00:00

The second season of WWE reality series Miz & Mrs. will kick off on 1/29. The first ten episodes for the season will feature the following plots:

1/29 - Monroe's First Wrestlemania - "Mike and Maryse celebrate Monroe's first birthday at Wrestlemania, and try to sneak in alone time."

2/5 - Miz Little Lies - "Mike and Maryse must unpack their things, including the truth, as they move back to LA."

2/12 - Gender Baby Miztery - "Mike and Maryse host baby number two's gender reveal party; George seeks his 15 minutes of fame."

2/19 - A Star Isn't Born - "Maryse teaches Mike how pregnancy feels; Mike tries to land a song on Ryan Cabrera's new album."

2/26 - Driving Miz Crazy - "As Mike deals with car trouble, Maryse focuses on crafting the perfect family photo."

3/4 - Miz The Miz Day - "Mike is given a key to his hometown during the Mizanins' sweaty trip to Cleveland."

3/11 - Baby Moon or Bust - "Maryse tries to convince her husband to take a babymoon; Mike takes a gamble on a $10,000 toy."

3/18 - Mizanin Family Tradition - "Mike and Maryse practice minding two kids at once while searching for a new family tradition."

3/25 - Mr. Miz to the Rescue - "With Mike away, George helps around the house; Maryse has her own issues."

4/1 - The IT Family of Four - "Mike casts Monroe in the role of her life; Maryse preps for the next addition to the IT family."

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