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By Anthony Pires on 2020-01-13 20:04:00

Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay are your studio hosts this week previewing tonights card, which will be main evented by Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Shelly

Flip Gordon vs. Ray Horus (highlights)

Collar and elbow tie up we get a clean break in the ropes.  Tie up again, another clean break.  Rollup by Flip for a 1.  Leg sweep and a back elbow by Horus for 1.  They each duck a clothesline attempt.  Cut to a chop by Gordon followed by a Wheel Barrow Suplex on the outside.  Cut to Gordon delivering head butts in the corner to Horus.  PK by Gordon.  Horus moves out of the way of a charge and goes to the top.  Gordon avoids the dive but Horus turns it into a corkscrew armdrag.  Horus with a tope over the corner to the outside.  Cut to a Spanish Fly by Horus for 2.  Cut to a Pele kick by Gordon.  Cut to a victory roll by Horus off the top for 2.  Horus to the top but Gordon connects with a Pele kick.  Flip 5 into an STF by Gordon and Horus taps out.

WINNER: Flip Gordon

Backstage, The Mecca Brian Johnson gets asked by PJ Black if he wants mentoring.  Johnson doesn’t want help.  PJ looks on curiously.

Crowbar vs. Eli Isom

Crowbar with an immediate forearm off of a handshake.  Crowbar batters Isom in the corner but Isom reverses a whip and hits a Northern Lights suplex.  Crowbar grabs Isom and throws him into the corner and grabs a headlock.  Crowbar with a shoulderblock and snap mare for a 1 count.  Isom with a leg sweep, 2 leapfrogs and a dropkick, he sends Crowbar to the floor.  Crowbars bodyguard gets in the way of a tope.  Crowbar’s wife with a distraction and Crowbar with a knee to Isom’s back and a snapmare followed by a sitting dropkick.  Springboard bodypress by Crowbar for 2.  Crowbar with punches in the corner, followed by chops, Eli turns the tables and hits some chops of his own.  We go to commercial…

Isom is outside and Crowbar with a dropkick off the apron.  Isom gets thrown into the barricade.  Crowbar throws Isom into the ring and hits punches and chops in the corner.  Isom fights back with forearms but he eats an elbow.  Isom counters a bulldog, both men are down.  Forearm, uppercut and enziguiri by Isom.  Isom with an Air Raid Crash for 2.  Pump kick by Isom, Crowbar falls into his bodyguard.  Isom takes them both out with a tope suicida.  Isom throws him back in but Crowbar grabs referee Steven DeMing and the bodyguard punches Isom.  Crowbar with punches in the corner.  Top rope hurancanrana for 2.  Crowbar with a roll for 2.  Isom avoids a powerbomb and nails a clothesline.  Brainbuster by Isom, he gets the pin.

WINNER: Eli Isom

We go to comments from Bully Ray after his attack on Maria Manic.  Ray is specific that Manic disrespected him by trying to put Angelina Love through a table.  Maria Manic has no business in Bully Ray’s house. 

The Shinobi Shadow Squad (Ryan Nova, Isom and Cheeseburger) are in the ring.  Cheeseburger issues an open challenge.  Moses and Kha, the Soldiers of Savagery, represented by Shane T Promotions come out.

Cheeseburger and Ryan Nova vs The Soldiers of Savagery

All four slug it out to begin.  Khan gets thrown to the outside, Nova with a tope.  Burger with a dropkick but he ends up eating a big clothesline from Moses.  Nova with a dropkick on Moses to make the save.  Khn grabs Nova and hits a rock bottom on the apron.  Khan with a springboard senton on Burger for 2.  Uppercut by Moses.  Burger tries to fight back but gets nailed by clubbing forearms.  Bearhug by Moses.  Burger breaks it with a jawbreaker, Nova is still hurt on the outside, he does make it to the apron for thetag.  Nova works fast but gets caught in a sidewalk slam.  Cheeseburger comes in and he and Nova hit a double superkick for 2.  SOS hits their flapjack DDT (Coin Tell) on Nova for the pin.

WINNERS: Soldiers of Savagery

We get a quick rundown of where ROH will be in the upcoming weeks.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Shelley

Code of Honor adhered to.  Quick arm twist by Shelley reversed by Gresham.  Shelley turns it into an arm drag.  Lock up, cravate by Shelley, Gresham turns it into a arm twist.  Each man goes for hammerlocks but they each avoid it.  Gresham tries a kneebar but Shelley turns it into a crucifix for 1.  Lockup, headlock by Shelley.  Gresham throws him off and tries an arm drag but Shelley turns it into one of his own.  Shelley with a straighjacket, Gresham tries to reverse but he can’t, Shelley turns it into a lariat.  Gresham catches a leapfrog and stomps Shelley’s knee.  Gresham with a forearm in the corner.  Shelley reverses a whip into the corner but Gresham leaps over his charge and gets a 1 count on a roll up.  Single leg take down and arm drag by Shelley.  Gresham quickly gains the edge and hits a Figure 4.  Shelley grabs Gresham’s fingers and twists them until Gresham breaks.  Gresham whips Shelley in the corner but Shelley’s knee gives out.  Shelley avoids contacts and hits a hangman stunner.  Shelley avoids a charge into the corner and hits an enziguiri.  Gresham blocks a DDT and they two exchange go-behinds until Gresham stomps Shelley’s foot.  Gresham tries a suplex but can’t get the lift, Shelley with a forearm, both men are down.  We get a chop exchange.  Gresham gets the edge by chopping the injured knee.  Gresham with a backslide 2.  Shelley with a rollup for 2. Both men score two counts on a series of rollup reversals.  Superkick by Shelley.  We get a series of headlock takedowns by Shelley, Gresham scores the surprise pin off of the headscissors escape while hooking Shelley’s leg.

WINNER: Jonathan Gresham

Jay Lethal celebrates with Gresham.  Shelley offers a handshake.   Gresham accepts.  Shelley and Lethal also shake hands.

We go to credits.

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