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By Dave Martin on 2020-01-12 19:58:00

NXT returned to Buffalo Riverworks (a great multi-use venue) for another great show.

The last time NXT was in Buffalo (not for an NXT show) was that awesome episode of Smackdown Live where the Smackdown crew was stuck in Saudi Arabia and NXT invaded. I was there live for that and it was an awesome show.

Just about everywhere you looked tonight you saw Undisputed Era shirts. There were disappointed fans when no one from Undisputed showed up since all the initial advertising had Undisputed all over it. (After watching Takever Blackpool today you knew that they would not make it to Buffalo in time)

It was full house with only a few standing room spots available. 

Ring announcer and host John Questo (sp) came out to work the crowd.

Opening match Matt Riddle defeated Shane Thorne with the Jackhammer.

Tag match: Bianca Belair and Taynara lost to Kaydan Carter and Mia Yim in a great match.

Artuto Ruas vs. Kushida lots of technical moves. Kushida won with an armbar.

*Interview in ring with Denzel Dejournette.  The Forgotten sons Braxton and Cutter came out, then Bronson Reed came out to make it a tag match. Forgotten Sons with the win.

*Cameron Grimes vs Keith Lee, who received the biggest ovation of the night so far.  Fun match with Keith Lee getting the pin.

*Danny Burch vs. Raul Mendoza. Mendoza wins.

*Shayna Bazler vs. Rhea Ripley. Lots of NXT chants and dueling Shayna-Rhea chants. Rhea wins with a pumphandle slam.

*Finn Balor and Damian Priest vs, Tommaso Ciampa and Dominic Dijakovic.  Ciampa wins with a pin on Priest.  Finn was way over with the crowd. Finn and Ciampa's interactions in the ring were amazing.  Ciampa announced that Dominic just found out today that his wife is expecting a baby...a loud "Daddy's home" chant.  Ciampa talked for a long time to the crowd.

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