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By Dave Scherer on 2020-01-15 10:00:00

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WWE used to bring in 5 million viewers a week and sell out arenas. They don’t now. Simple question, why?

Let’s address TV first.  To be fair to WWE, most shows don’t draw the audiences that they used to.  There are just so many more options today than there were in 1999.  Back then, channels were limited.  High speed internet was in its infancy.  Now?  There are a ridiculous amount of channels, plus streaming services.  And, video games have evolved to where people can create their own reality and programming.

Now, as for arenas, well there is a lot of wrestling content on TV and streaming services now.  Plus, they don’t have the hot characters and storylines that they did back then.  I believe those are the primary reasons for the drops.  I don’t know if they will ever get back to the Attitude Era days but given their TV deals and corporate sponsorships, they may never even try.  But, we do have NXT.

Do you think there is a market for an adult based attitude type product today?

I do.  I was hoping AEW would be the company to do it, and I still hope that at some point they do.  And not for nothing, NXT is that product in my view.

I heard you and Stu talking about Takeover Blackpool and how great the storylines and character development are there.  Why can’t they do that on the main roster, or in AEW?

They could but it takes a commitment to the process, and also for the person in charge to want to book in that manner.  Paul Levesque clearly likes that style of booking so that is what we get in NXT and NXT UK.  I happen to agree with him, which is why out of all of the WWE and AEW shows, NXTs are my favorites.  Stories and characters matter to me.

Also, I love how you excited you get when you watch shows while doing a show.  Have you ever thought of doing that for a whole show?

I have but I think it would lead to a lot of dead air, as most times there are spots where the talents are building to bigger things.

Hi guys, is there any truth to the WWE international PPV rumours on Feb 20th? And if so, is the UK an option? 

WWE was set to return to Saudi Arabia on that date. Now it has been moved back a week.

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