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By Mike Johnson on 2020-01-12 16:54:00

Marty Scurll has signed a new deal with Ring of Honor, has confirmed with multiple sources.  The two sides had been working on a deal for some time after Scurll's last deal expired at the end of November. has not confirmed the length of the deal, although ROH has been locking talents into multi-year deals of late, so it makes sense that the new deal is at least a two year deal. can confirm, however, that as of this weekend, Scurll is taking on lead booking duties for the company.  Hunter “Delirious” Johnston remains with the company in a creative capacity and will be working with Scurll, but we are told that moving forward, Scurll will have the lead position for creative with Johnston working in conjunction with him.   Scurll was heavily involved in all aspects of ROH's event last night in Atlanta from a behind the scenes perspective.  We are also told that the upcoming 2/9 free event in Baltimore was a Scurll idea.

It appears that Scurll’s new ROH deal will also allow Scurll to continue to work for the NWA.  The NWA storyline for Scurll vs. Aldis bled over into last night’s ROH event in Atlanta, where the NWA tapes TV. 

Ring of Honor will run Concord, NC tonight. 

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