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By Mike Johnson on 2020-01-12 18:00:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Impact Wrestling's Hard to Kill PPV from The Bomb Factory in Dallas, Texas!


Impact will be taping two matches for this Tuesday's episode of Impact on AXS TV, which will also feature footage from the PPV and other content shot in Dallas.  They will then tape next week in Mexico.

A number of those working behind the scenes on the show are really sick.

Rich Swann had his entire ankle wrapped up backstage and is on crutches.

The Impact champions together did a photo session for VIP ticketholders.

There was a pre-show signing with Sami Callihan, Rhino and several other talents as well.

The Rascalz vs. Rohit Raju & Mahabali Shera & Reno Scum vs. TJP & Daga

Everyone brawled at the start.  The Rascalz worked over Raju but Shera hit the ring and took control.   He and Luther had a short Hoss fight. Reno Scum set up Daga for a Razor’s Edge into the corner while TJP was hung upside down but he escaped and nailed a series of kicks.  The Rascalz took control and shined with their double team maneuvers. The crowd got more and more into this as it went on. In the end, Desi Hit Squad scored the win. A fun match.

Joey Ryan vs. Johnny Swinger

Ryan wanted Swinger to touch him in that happy place.  Swinger wasn’t interested. Ryan persisted with his wish and played to the crowd.   Swinger teased it then hit a right hand. The crowd didn’t like that. Swinger went for a reverse atomic drop but Ryan’s penis was too tough and Swinger hurt his knee.

Swinger came back and whipped Ryan into the buckles and nailed a clothesline.  Swinger nailed an elbowdrop for a two count. The crowd chanted for Joey, which didn’t sit well with Swinger.  Ryan made a comeback with a series of clotheslines and a dropkick.  

Ryan finally grabbed Swinger and did the D-Flip.  They took out the referee so there was no one to count the fall.  Ryan shoved a lollipop in Swinger’s mouth, superkicked him and pinned him.

Your winner, Joey Ryan!

The show will air on PPV and FITE.TV starting at 8 PM EST, featuring:


Ken Shamrock vs. Madman Fulton.

They circled each other.  Shamrock nailed a right and several kicks before taking Fulton down with a running knee.  He grabbed an armbar but Fulton muscled him up and slammed him into the buckles.  Fulton worked over Shamrock, who made a comeback.  Fulton missed a big boot and was caught on the ropes.  Shamrock nailed him and he went over to the floor.   Shamrock hit a dive over the ropes but was caught.  He escaped and nailed a release German suplex on the floor.  He nailed several knees to the face on the outside, then clotheslined Jake Crist on the floor.

The referee tossed The Crists.  Shamrock was worked over and hit with a chokeslam.  Fulton went for another but Shamrock caught him in an Kimura.  Fulton was able to break free but was hurt by the move.  He refused to back down and went at it with Shamrock again, but was caught and tapped out.  

It looked like Fulton may have legitimately hurt his shoulder towards the end.  He is getting checked out backstage.

Your winner, Ken Shamrock!

Josh Mathews and Don Callis welcomed everyone to the PPV and talked about the main event. They showed footage of Tessa Blanchard coming into the building. They then showed footage Rich Swann's recent injury.  They wondered what would happen with the Tag Team title bout.

X-Division Champ Ace Austin vs. Trey

They went back and forth with some nice action early.  Austin hit a reverse flip to the floor and whipped Trey into the barricade.  He worked over Trey in front of his mom on the floor.  Back in the ring, Trey began to mount some offense but Austin took his knee out and began stomping him.  Austin kept attacking the knee.  Trey tried to make a comeback but was nailed with a kick and a slammed him down for a close two count.

Austin locked him in a Grapevine submission and then tied his arm up as well.  He pulled out a playing card and used it to give Trey a paper ciut between his finger.  Ouch.  Austin beat Trey's back over and over.  Trey came back with a double stomp and went to the floor, where he leaped up and kicked Ace in the head.  He ascended to the top but missed his move.  He saved it by landing on his feet and locked on a submission.  He went to the ropes but Austin met him with a big forearm.  Austin rebounded off the ropes but Trey swept his legs and hit a springboard DDT off the ropes for a two count.

Austin avoided a charge in the corner and nailed a kick off the ropes for a two count.  He placed Trey on the ropes but Trey escaped and kicked Austin, trapping his head under the turnbuckle.  Trey nailed a 619 and went to the top but Austin knocked him off the top and hit his finisher, scoring the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division Champion Ace Austin!

A good, physical match.

Trey's mom checked on him at ringside.  He left.  Austin asked Trey's mom for a kiss.  Trey returned and attacked Austin and began working him over.  A bunch of officials ran out to stop this, followed by the other Rascalz.

ODB was interviewed about her Knockouts title match.  She thanked the fans for their support.  She said she's getting a new run and will be the five-time "Knocked Up" champ.

Impact Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie vs. Jordynne Grace vs. ODB.

They did some back and forth spots.  Grace powered Taya up and ODB nailed a bulldog over the top.  Taya nailed a big knee strike to the face on Jordan but ODB broke it up.  Taya was sent into the buckles. Grace charged ODB but was caught with a big elbow. Grace took her out and went to the top for a big back senton splash.  Taya broke up the pinfall at the last second.

Taya tossed Grace to the outside on the apron.  She was sent into the ropes by ODB, who nailed a TKO.  She went for the cover but Grace nailed a Vader Bomb off the ropes onto them and covered each of them for near falls.

ODB and Grace battled back and forth.  Grace nailed a Michinoku Driver and went for the cover but John E. Bravo distracted the referee on the apron.  Grace went after him. Taya covered ODB as Bravo dragged Grace from the ring.

Your winner and still the Knockouts Champion, Taya!

Katie Forbes interviewed Rob Van Dam.  He said he was going to put his energy and attention where it matters, kissing her.  He said he will take care of Brian Cage first.

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