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By Larry Goodman on 2020-01-12 15:49:00

Bandido & Flamita & Rey Horus defeated Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll & Brody King & Flip Gordon replacing PCO) to capture the Ring of Honor Six Man Tag Team Championship at ROH’s first show of 2020 at Centerstage Theater in Atlanta.  It was an amazing match with tremendous atmosphere as there was a large contingent of Mexican fans in the crowd. 

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis did a run in after the main event to foil Marty Scurll and Villain Enterprises.

Teddy Hart was in audience for the first half of the show. 

Total attendance was around 650. Ticketmaster showed hundreds of seats available the day before the show and I can’t imagine the walk up was good given the dire weather warnings out for the Atlanta area. I had heard from local wrestling people that freebies were readily available.  

Full results as follows:

TV Taping –

Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas defeated PJ Black & Brian Johnson.  Bruiser pinned Johnson after hit him with a massive leg drop off the ropes. 

Horror Kings (Vincent & Bateman with creepy clown and unidentified woman) defeated Wrestling Buddies (Sal Rinauro & Michael Stevens) in 4:25. Bateman gave Rinauro a tombstone piledriver. Vincent tagged in and serenaded the crowd as he covered Rinauro. 

Vincent cut a promo directed at Matt Taven after the match.

Rhett Titus pinned Danhausen after a pinpoint dropkick at 7:15. Crowd was more entertained by this match than the first two, thanks to Danhausen.  He poured his jar of teeth into Titus’ mouth and pump kicked him for a near fall. 

Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry defeated Master & Machine (Griff Garrison & Marcus Kross) in a solid, competitive match (10:22). Castle got a superstar reaction for his entrance. Hendry caught Kross with a codebreaker as a sprung off the ropes and Castle pinned him with a spinning bulldog. 

Honor Club Main Show –

(1)Dragon Lee defeated Andrew Everett to retain the ROH TV Championship in 14:15. Lee was one of the most over guys on the card. If you get the chance to see perform live, do it. Lots of great flying and counter wrestling sequences.  He nailed Everett with a running knee strike to the face to pick up the win. 

Bully Ray cut a promo that got the only true heel heat of the night and it was nuclear heat at that.  He was being a complete ass, even knocked down ring announcer Bobby Cruise. Bully called out Maria Manic and dared her to get in the ring. Manic speared Bully, gave him five chair blasts to the back and was about to powerbomb him through a table when she was attacked by The Allure (Angelina Love & Mandy Leon).  Bully Ray then put Manic through the table with a splash off the ropes. 

(2) The Allure defeated Nicole Savoy & Sumi Sakai in 8:23. Savoy inadvertently kicked Sakai leading to her being pinned by Leon. 

When Savoy tried to apologize, Sakai laid her out with a roll of the dice. 

(3) 2019 Top Prospect Tournament Winner Dak Draper pinned Lance Cade with a fireman’s carry slam at 7:54. Interesting that a guy who started in WWE developmental and has been wrestling 8 years is ROH’s top prospect. 

(4) Jonathan Gresham (with Jay Lethal) defeated Josh Woods (with Silas Young) via count out in 16:25. This was a technical grappling match with a story. First Lethal and then Young ran distraction for their guy.  Gresham targeted Woods’ leg. Crowd was impatient early but they totally won them over and got “this is awesome” chant before it was over. With both men down on the outside, Lethal used his tag title belt on Woods’ knee. The ref ejected both of them but the damage was done. Gresham continued to work on the knee and got back in the ring just before the 20 count.  I loved this. Match was completely different from the rest of the show and had the rare count out finish that satisfied. 

(5) Briscoe Brothers defeated Jeff Cobb & Dan Maff and Lifeblood (Tracy Williams & Mark Haskins) in 12:35. Everyone looked good here. Maff is a beast but not very mobile.  The match was constructed to work around that limitation and Maff’s offense got over great with the crowd. Jay gave Haskins the J Driller and Mark pinned him. 

Shane Taylor (with Malcolm Moses & Bishop Khan) addressed his status with ROH. The crowd wasn’t feeling him and gave Taylor a hard time. Taylor called out COO Joe Koff, talked about how valuable he had been to the company and gave his conditions for staying:  a six man tag title shot for Shane Taylor Promotions, a world title shot of his choosing and the highest pay ever for an ROH star. Taylor gave Koff until tomorrow (Concord, NC show) to give him his answer.

(6) Bandido & Flamita & Rey Horus defeated Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll & Brody King & Flip Gordon) to capture the Ring of Honor Six Man Tag Team Championship in 15:57. Before the match, Scurll said Gordon was replacing PCO and the title would be on the line. The crowd was on fire. 100 fans from the Ricardo Ordaz’s Mucha Lucha Atlanta promotion were the building supporting the Mexican team and Scurll is super over at Centerstage. He was coming off a fantastic singles match with Bandido at the last ROH show here, plus the surprise NWA appearance a few blocks away last month.  This was a spectacularly athletic match. Horus really got a chance to shine. King’s chops are ungodly. After all kinds of incredible false finishes in both directions, Scurll signaled for the crossface chickenwing and Bandido rolled him up. 

(7) PCO defeated Rush by DQ to retain the ROH World Championship in 11:16. Crowd again split right down the middle and heated. Rush took out referee Todd Sinclair with a moonsault.  Dragon Lee and Kenny King (with Amy Rose at ringside) brought a table into the ring but Scurll and Brody King came out to check them. PCO gave Rush a senton off the top rope. A second ref hit the ring to count. Rush kicked out. PCO KOed the second ref.  At this point, Sinclair called for the DQ but chaos was far from over.

Aldis hit the ring in a security uniform, posted Gordon and was gone. The tide was turned in favor of Ingobernables.  They destroyed Brody King’s knee. Bandido drove PCO through a table with a top rope double stomp. 

Rush said this was the beginning of Ingobernables.

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