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By Dave Scherer on 2020-01-12 14:36:00

I will be recording with Stu during the show so this won’t be my usual blog.  It will probably have more detail early, then I will finish it off after we are done recording.  So I will call this quick thoughts instead of the usual blog.

I am really looking forward to this show.  The matches have been built up well and the Preview special was fantastic.

The pre-show was a lot of fun.  Seeing William Regal get legitimately choked up by being in Blackpool was really cool.  It carried over in the pre-show.  While he was a little off in his commentary, when I consider it’s because it means so much to him to be there, it’s actually really cool.

Tom Phillips is really good.  While I think he can handle main brand announcing, and showed he could, he really belongs in the NXT world.  It’s his comfort zone and he can just be himself.

The building looks fantastic and the crowd is live.  Nigel McGuinness is joining Phillips on the call.  We are opening with Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis.   Trent is out first and the crowd is LIVE for him.  Dennis is out next, wearing his dragon mask.  There isn’t much reaction for him.  It’s clear who the crowd wants to see win here.

Seven is kind of this brand's Tommy Dreamer, ECW version.

Dennis largely in control early, with the fans rooting for Trent.  Trent then took to the air and came back, but went to the top and misses so they are working pretty evenly now.

Dennis undid the turnbuckle pad but Trent blasted him into next week and got a two.  Trent then went for a Lariat but Eddie moved and Trent hit the exposed buckle.  He then did a Razor's Edge on Trent from the ring, down to the floor where Trent landed on some poor sap.  He brought him back in but only got a two!  He followed with a neck drop driver and got the pin on Seven,

It was fairly short but good.  Edge spot was crazy.  I think Dennis needed the win and he got it.  And like I said above, Seven is this brand's ECW Dreamer.

The women are up next as Kay Lee Ray is defending her Title against Piper Niven and Toni Storm.  Ray is my favorite heel in the business right now.  She is so, so good at her character.  And folks, you do NOT mess with a Scottish woman.  Trust me, I know, I am married to one.  Yeah, Niven is one too, but she's nice.

Storm is out first, she is over.  Niven is next.  Also over.  And finally the champ.  Storm attacks the champ at the bell and we are off, all action.

Then, with Niven and Storm down, the champ got a chair and used it on both competitors.  She was about to use it on a stomp on Storm when Niven made the save.  Storm has the chair now.  Will she use it on Niven, after she saved her?  Niven says do it.Storm won't, she attacked the champ instead.  Big tope to the floor by Storm, followed by a cannonball splash off of the apron by Niven.  Ray is decimated on the floor as the fans chant NXT!

But Ray came back and did her version of Ibushi's I must do one spot where I almost die with an amazing flip off the apron to both women on the floor.  Crowd chanted Mama Mia!

Piper gets a two with a Michinoku Driver on the champ, after another crazy Ray spot foff of the top.

Ray countered a Driver attempt and hit the Gori Bomb on Niven.  Storm came in....hell I can't keep up, this is fricking amazing!

The finish finally came when Niven was down in the middle.  Storm hit a frog splash and had the Title but Ray came in, hit a superkick and picked the bones, pinning Niven to retain her Title.  This was freaking amazing!  Early match of the year candidate.

Jordan Devlin and Tyler Bate get to follow that.  I know they can deliver.

And deliver they have.  These guys are amazing.  If you don't watch anything else you need to see the incredible airplane spot that Bate did (and Devlin too).  I lost count of how many spins he did.  Great match so far.

This is so good.  After Bate beat the count at the last minute, they stood in the middle of the ring and threw hands, tons of punches.  It was a wrestling match and now it's a fight.

With Bate down, Devlin slowly went to the top. Bate was playing possum and crotched him.  Bate went to the top but Devlin grabbed his throat, Avalanche Spanish Fly from the top and a side suplex two count only.  What does he need to do?  The fans are chanting Fight Forever and This Is Awesome.  And it is, because the story is both men are doing whatever they have to in order to win.  Bate just hit about the loudest head butt I have ever heard into Devlin's chest.  No matter what happens, Devlin has been elevated tonight.

Bate hit a Springboard Tornado DDT and Tyler Driver 97, two count only.  Bate quickly hit a corkscrew splash and got the pin.  The key was he did it immediately, while Devlin was still stunned, so it was smart.  This match was freakin' fantastic, another Match of the Year candidate.  I hope you are watching this show.

Triple H, Johnny Saint and William Regal gave them a standing ovation and it was deserved.

Tag Title craziness time.  The Champs were out first.  Hmm.  Then came Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster.  Nigel is so good on commentary.  He told us that how Flash dresses is so important to him because he grew up poor.  I love that kins of character development.  The Grizzled Young Veterans are next, followed by Imperium.

This is exacty what you would expect, plunder central. It's going 100 miles an hour.

Near the end everyone were facing off on multiple ladders but slowly guys got picked off until it was down to Andrews and Gibson.  Gibson wiped out Andrews and Drake went up but Aichner stopped him. Imperium then tossed all of the ladders but one and went up but Gallus stopped them.  They then ladder sandwiched both Imperium members. Wolfgan destroyed Zach Gibson on the ramp.  Damn, so much is going on.  Flash and Andrews took them out and got a ladder.  That didn't end well as the champs stopped them grabbed the tables that the fans have been clamoring for.

By the way I am recording with Stu now so I apologize for anything I missed or any typos I make.

The former champs fought out of the table spots and set up a big ladder on the floor with Wolfgang on a table.  They went on the high ladder and did a double flip spot, blasting him through the table.

Andrews was ascending the ladder with the GYV hit him in the butt with a ladder to stop him.  They trashed Flash when Drake climbed the ladder and held off Andrews but he turned his back and Andrews got a cane and broke it by hitting both of them.  He went up the badder when Imperium came in and destroyed him.  Barthel went up and got his hand on the belt when Mark G stopped him.  They fought on the ladder but Aichner came and grabbed Mark, but Wolfgang came in and speared him into a ladder in the corner, snapping it in half!  Barthel was on the ladder and tried to hop it over to the belts but Gallus dumped him onto everyone on the floor. Gallus went up and got the belts, retaining the titles!

This was fantastic.  These guys laid it all on the line.  As I said earlier, if you aren't watching this show, you should be!

Gallus is getting huge pops from the crowd and taking it all in.  They finally climb a ladder and show off the belts to the crowd.  Man, that was great!

Main event time as WALTER will defend the NXT UK Title against Joe Coffey.  Joe is out first. Then the champ.

WALTER tried to attack at the beginning but Joe was ready and is taking the champ to school early on.  He is really taking it to WALTER.

Finally WALTER stood up and told Coffey to chop him in the chest, and he did.  A few times.  WALTER took them and took over from there. And now it's just physical, really physical.

Joe Coffey is showing he is one strong dude in some of the power spots that he has done with WALTER. 

The ref got bumped. Coffey had WALTER pinned but there wass no one to count.  Alexander Wolfe ran down and kicked Coffey and helped WALTER.  Ilja Dragunov came down and attacked Wolfe.  He hit Wolfe, but he rolled into Coffey, hurtting his knee. WALTER laid waste to Dragunov.  The champ laid out Joe and the ref came in but two count only.  Water was on the top.  Joe went up but the knee buckled.  He went up again WALTER chopped him down.  He went back up and hit a suplex from the top!

They are back up in the middle, throwing hands.  Joe is getting the better of it for now.  But WALTER got up to the top and hit a Frog Splash for a two count.  Their bodies are showing some marks, which doesn't surprise me.  Joe is fighting hard, but still selling the knee.

He went for the discus punch but WALTER locked on a headlock, into a sleeper.  He got out but WALTER locked on headlock and Joe finally had to tap out.

Man, that was a war.  A total war.  Great stuff.  I loved it.  Coffey looked great and the run ins led to his loss so he stayed strong.

After the match, Imperium was standing strong in the ring when out of nowhere The Undisputed Era came and attacked Imperium and laid them out.  Aichner and Barthel were selling from earlier and were easy targets.  Then Cole isolated WALTER and the Era destroyed him.  The crowd was going nuts for it and the Era standed tall as the show went off the air.

This was an amazing show, I loved every minute of it!

Thanks for reading.


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